.stick to your schedule

hey beautiful,

sooooo, this past week we learned that we needed to rest. although i prepared myself for the rest that would come, i still tried to resist it when it came. how did you do? if you didn’t do that good in your eyes, that’s okay we have a brand new week to start over and try something different.  we are not holding ourselves back over things that we can not change. it was all necessary to learn a lesson that we’ve been avoiding for a minute.

If you remember the message and obstacle from last week, this was basically an extension of that. since we learned a lesson that we’ve been avoiding, we had to take a rest from that to kind of reset and get back on the track that we need to be on. we can now completely start the process of moving forward and getting to exactly where we need to be. 


it’s okay to take a break. it’s okay to rest. it’s okay to start over. it’s okay to take some time out for yourself. it’s okay. it’s okay

moving into this new week, let’s keep the following in mind to keep us on track:

the message of the week:

“all is well in my world. everything is working out for my highest good”
“I forgive myself. As  i forgive myself i leave behind all feelings of not being good enough. I am free to love myself “

energy of the week: 

A balance will need to be found this week between all the things you are wanting to do. All of the seeds you have been planting + sowing are really starting to bloom. Do everything you can to get closer to your goals.

obstacle of the week:

In order to do get closer to your goals, you really need to write out and plan everything that you need to do so you can see it. Stay on track, create a time schedule + stick to it. do not allow yourself to get too lost in time and stuck on one thing or stuck on doing nothing. keep track of time, get a watch, + set alarms if necessary.

well. i’m  more than ready for this week. i hope you are too,  if not that’s okay, for now regardless the week is coming and the lessons will have to be learned at some point so why not now?

i love you

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