.life is super mario world

hey beautiful,

sooo after this week of challenges have you finally decided to learn the lessons that you keep avoiding? at this point, the universe is literally going to fight you, one on one, if you don’t stop ignoring each + every sign they’ve been giving you. if you’ve noticed life has been getting a little rough it’s because you aren’t doing what you know you should be doing in order to live the life of your dreams. 

this past week showed us (once again) that we need to be open to the people in our lives. our soul family is out there, waiting for us to let them in. the relationships that we’ve been yearning for our entire existence are right there! we just need to be open to receive them. come back down to earth, check in, and stay for a while, life is pretty nice when you allow it to be.


don’t worry about the could’ve been’s cause if it should’ve been, it would’ve been. this is obviously better for you.

now let’s focus on the week ahead of us

the message of the week:

“i am willing to change. i am willing to release old negative beliefs. they are only thoughts that stand in my way. my new thoughts are positive + fulfilling.”
“i have the perfect living space. i see myself living in a wonderful place. it fulfills all my needs + desires. it’s in a beautiful location + at a price i can afford.”

energy of the week: 

this week might be a little intense but it’s nothing you won’t be able to handle. these past few weeks have been preparing you for this test coming up.  look back + review the lessons we’ve been taught recently, this is how we can pass and move forward. 

 remember the message of the week last week?  “everything is working out for my greater good”, this is the KEY to completing this week successfully. whatever this week throws at you is simply pieces of the puzzle that is your dream life. 

obstacle of the week:

this week, the obstacle is the prize. don’t focus too much on the prize at the end as much as you do on the journey getting there. what’s the point of winning a race if you didn’t embrace every step? where’s the fun in a prize that you didn’t put effort towards? are you really fulfilled if you didn’t work hard for the results? what’s that thing they say? the fruits of my labor or something like that.

all your hard work is going to pay off, you are seriously being prepared for everything you have coming to you. 

well. now that you’re a little more prepared for the week ahead of you take it on head on. no need to do it full speed, take your time, but definitely don’t take too long. time waits for no one.

i love you.

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