.tunnel vision

hey beautiful,

sooooo, this past week was beautiful right? we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. everything is working out in our favor. everything is going according to plan. it may not be our EXACT plan, but it is the plan that is perfect for us. even more perfect than we could’ve put together ourselves.

we are still in the same energy from the past few weeks but some new things have come up. i hope these messages have been helping you out in life because that is the ulitmate goal. i’m so glad you’ve decided to walk with me on this path of life.


now, let’s see what this week has in store for us.

the message of the week:

“my home is a peaceful haven”

“the past is over. this is a new day, one that i have never lived before. i stay in the now and enjoy every moment. “

energy of the week: 

this week is the perfect time to focus on your family + friends. strengthening your relationships with the people who genuinely care for + love you will be great. what you have been working on may have been a journey that requires a lot of time alone, but keep that balance of alone  + social time. take some time this week to get back to your roots + be like the worry free kid you once were. allow your relationships to fulfill you and nourish everything that you are working on + watch your whole life flourish. 

obstacle of the week:

trust yourself. you do not need any validation from others. whatever your craft + passion is, you have to believe in it more than anyone else does. this week you may also face the obstacle of rushing through whatever you’re doing. if you focus on each + every moment that you live in, you’ll realize how much time you really do have + how much you can get done. don’t let hustle culture get you hurt trying to do more than you are capable of. don’t let the world define your pace or let you feel like you are not doing enough because you take breaks. remember, the tortoise won the race against the hare because they moved at their own pace and wasn’t worried about the competition.

sounds like a beautiful week if you ask me. i’m more than ready. you got this.

i love you, i’ll talk to you soon.

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