.we’re all rooting for you

hey beautiful,

sooooo, first thing’s first: i see the progress. i know you see it too, + if you don’t, look again. take a good look back at where you were last year, last month, even last week. look at how you keep progressing along the journey of your life. you’re doing so well + i am so thankful that you found that. last week was a revelation of how much you’ve grown + the things you have to look forward to. 

i know we’ve been hearing “trust the process” for the past few weeks but we need that reiteration to be able to get to that change we’re seeking. we need to keep telling ourselves to trust the process to help us through the process of trusting. it isn’t something that’s going to happen over night but in due time we will get there. we have to change our mindset + what better way to do that then repetition? you know what they say… out of sight, out of mind. so let’s keep this in sight and in mind so we can reach our goal.


this change that you’re experiencing is good. release control of it and just go with the flow. commit to this change because you know you want different, you know you want more. you know how good it will feel when you get to your next destination. 

moving into this new week, let’s keep the following in mind to keep us on track:

the message of the week:

“i trust the process of life. there is a rhythm and flow to life, and I am part of it. life supports me and brings me to only good and positive experiences. i trust the process of life to bring me my highest good.”

energy of the week: 

this week the energy is the same as the theme: trust the process. whatever the universe sends you this week you MUST trust it. you must believe that it is meant for you + nothing but good will come from it. have some faith this week. any urges you get this week, follow them. any dreams you have this week, pay attention to them. any messages/signs you see this week read them, write it down, take a picture… do something with them and apply them to your life right now.

obstacle of the week:

same as the energy + the theme of the week, the obstacle is trusting the process. there may be some things that come up this week just as a test to see if you trust the universe. i mean of course they’re meaningful to your life journey but it may be extra challenging for you to have that faith. just trust life right now, do not fight anything that happens. be like water, go with the flow. 

you got this. this week will be a breeze + you should allow yoruself to go whichever way the wind blows. commit to this new life you’re going after and be receptive of everything that is coming your way. let’s get this show on the road. 

i love you

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