.you deserve more than leftovers

hey beautiful, 

soooo, this week was kind of a longgggg run on sentence. no commas, periods, breaks… nothing. just one continuous, never ending sentence. but… we have finally reached the end. 


 take some time to hug yourself right now. take some time to breathe + really appreciate yourself because the whirlwind is a good thing. it’s a sign of change, it’s a sign of growth, + it’s a sign that you’re figuring it all out + getting through it. 

imagine life right now as a voyage on a large ship on an undiscovered ocean. you’re the sailor, captain,and crew members. you’re sailing through a dark stormy night, cloudy days, sunny rays + prosperity with no gps, only the stars + faith.  wouldn’t you say you’re doing an amazing job?

last week the message of focusing on the grind came up + at the same time, balance was going to be needed. getting a lot of creating done + also finding the time to spend with your friends, family + loved ones was necessary this past week. doing this would’ve enabled you to not only have a full tank of creativity + energy juice, but also have peace of mind. even with everything that’s going on, if you keep this up + apply it for the rest of your life you will propel forward. 

before we move into this week here is a virtual hug. i’m sending you all the energy i can muster to hug you right now. if you want the full effect, wrap your arms around yourself and take a minute to just soak in all the love. if you haven’t had a meaningful hug in a while, now would be a great time to start hugging yourself when you feel the need. It’s the best kind of hug… in my opinion. do this a couple of times a day + take notice of any change in your life.  

message of the week 

“i am at peace. divine peace + harmony surround me + dwell in me. i feel tolerance, compassion, and love for all people, myself included.”

this message goes right along with the suggestion to start hugging yourself. filling yourself with love before you pour into others is necessary for true health + harmony. how can you choose to help someone reach full charge when your battery is in low power mode on 2%? that’s never gonna work. this week, start on your dedication to self love + if you already started, keep it going, maybe even crank it up a lil notch. commit to reach the changes that you’ve been dreaming of.

energy of the week 

the main energy that has been circulating the last few weeks is still present + there’s plenty left to go around. ask for help. ask for help on anything you’re working on, trying to figure out, or you’re just simply unsure of. if that looks like you calling up a friend, do it. If that looks like you doing some research… do it. If that’s you meditating and waiting for some answers to be delivered to you.. DO IT. ask for help and watch how far you get. you can not do everything on your own. i know you’ve been used to doing everything that way for a while but let your guard down, start breaking down that wall you’ve been strategically building up for years + breathe. the people around you are more than willingly to help you… but they won’t know you need it until you ask. 

let loose a little bit + get out of your head because you’ve been creating these false narratives of your entire reality. once you open up + allow yourself to be in the receptive mode, everything around you will start coming to party with you… and they bring gifts! you’ll be amazed at  how much your inner has been affecting your outer once you decide to change it. whatever you wanna say, find the precise words + say it. whatever you wanna do, know the steps you have to take and start going. whatever makes you uncomfortable, tighten up ya pants + tackle it head on. you got this. 

obstacle of the week:

now, we know the past few days have been challenging and the challenge isn’t over yet. everything that has been coming is going to continue to come until you face + overcome it. but look at this as a good thing. look at this as the final scene of this act of your life. You’re about to be living in a completely different world full of unlimited abundance, why not complete all of these missions to make it there? you know it’s there… you can literally see it when you close your eyes, and taste it when you yawn. It’s literally RIGHT THERE, so keep on pushing no matter what challenges arise, it will all be worth it.

be sure to allow yourself to feel how you feel. you can no longer hold on to all your pain, hurt + anger. you have to let it go. continue to work on yourself every day because life is like a never ending project, why not have fun with it and get an a+ at the same time? Speaking of good grades… plan out all that you want to do. figure it out, write it down, allot yourself the time to do it + make sure it gets done. it’s about to get real. well it’s been real but you’re really about to realize how real it is + that’s even more fun. 

i love you, 


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