.the full buck moon is friday

hey beautiful, 

we’re coming up on the end of this cycle… another full moon. this month, the moon is named the “buck moon” from the new set of antlers that begin to sprout from the head of male deer’s. all of your seeds that you have been planting are going through the same process. they’ve been able to root themselves firmly in the ground because you’ve been dedicated to loving + nurturing them. now, they’re ready to blossom and enter the world that you’ve been creating for them.

let go a little bit + allow yourself to enjoy the gratification of going so hard for everything you want. continue to nurture them and let them grow. you can now start to measure all of your hard work with your eyes. the energy of change is still in the air and with this full moon, you will definitely begin to see it. you got the ball rolling so sit back + let the universe take over until you get to the next hill. whenever you do reach it, get back up + start pushing again. if you do find yourself going a little off path it’ll be easy for you to notice it + take the necessary steps to get back on it.

like all the bucks out there who were walking around with no antlers for a minute, trust the process and know that what’s coming for you is bigger, stronger, better + exactly what you’ve been asking for. you know what they say, good things come to those who wait.

i love you

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