.what’s your destination?

hey beautiful,

how are you truly feeling right now? what’s going on in your mind, in your body, in your soul? how have your dreams been? have you been dreaming at all? i hope everything is amazing with you + if you don’t feel like it is, i hope you know with your heart that it will be very soon. creating the balance in your life that you need will help you move toward this ideal state of health + wealth.

last week, we discussed how we had to commit to change in order to be who we were meant to be. with this dedication, there will need to be a lot of reflecting + accepting. if you haven’t already committed to this, once you do, you will notice the most magnificent changes coming about. with one of the messages being “i accept my uniqueness”, this just shows how the need to accept yourself for who you truly are is super important. letting go of the person you have molded yourself to be in order to be accepted is no longer serving you. you’ve outgrown that stage of life and it’s getting very uncomfortable there.

let’s talk about the obstacle that came up this week. boy. we talked about how you needed to believe in yourself in order to past the test that would come about. how did you do? what changes did you make this week? what decisions did you make to get to where you want to go? if you didn’t make any progress or you still don’t believe in yourself… don’t worry, you literally have your whole life. but i would do it now so you can get it out of the way + move on to bigger + better things.

now let’s get into this week that is ahead of us.

the message of the week:

“my thoughts are creative. i say “out” to every negative thought that comes to my mind. no person, place or thing has any power over me for i am the only thinker in my mind. i create my own reality + everyone in it”

when this card came up the words action + execution came with it. all of the plans + amazing ideas you have are no use if they are just floating around in your head. write them down, get them out + start acting on them. start making small steps towards where you want to go. eventually you will reach your destination but creating a map on how to get there will make it a whole lot easier instead of just winging this brand new journey.

“the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Lao Tzu

energy of the week

if you make the right moves + dedicate yourself to execution, you will make a substantial amount of progress. don’t get too lost in the sauce + do everything that you can do when you’re able to. do not procrastinate. whatever you want to do, go for it. there will be an abundance of opportunity this week + you should take every ounce of it that you can.

there also may be a lot of love that will come your way this week. in some form or another, there will be a ton of it. embrace it all, allow it to flow into you + show you the appreciatoin that you deserve. i love that for you.

obstacle of the week

focus. you can not do everything at once. i know we’ve discussed this before but i guess you’re not listening. relaxxxxx. you can NOT do everything at once. if there are multiple things you are trying to accomplish do it in the most efficient way. this goes back to the message of the week… plan it out. write everything down. see all the steps you have to do + use that to see which way you should start heading.

do not burn yourself out. it is definitely possible to do all the things you want to do, you just have to approach it in the right way. you got this. save some stuff for later sometimes. you do not have to act on every idea that you have right away. find the balance in your life + keep at it.

word of the week

motivation: the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

find the motivation all week to move forward. know what you want the end goal to be + use that as the motivation you need to get there. take your time, but start going there.

this week will be amazing love. we got this. keep your head up + go for everything you want.

i love you,

i’ll talk to you soon ❤

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