.it’s time to reinvent yourself

hey beautiful,

how have you been treating yourself? how is everything going?

have you looked in the mirror lately? i mean really LOOKED at yourself in the mirror. not just at the condition of your skin or to fix your hair but have you stared yourself in the eyes + searched for the things hidden within. if you haven’t you might want to give it a try + while you’re looking, talk to yourself. get a grasp of what’s really going on inside of you right now.

you may want to ask yourself the following:

  • how am i truly feeling?
  • am i satisfied with everything going on in my life?
  • what am i doing here right now?”

spend some time discovering the true answers to these questions because the realizations that you have may astound you. you might realize it’s time for a change because there’s so much more in life that you want. there’s somewhere else you’d rather be. if you had the option this is not how you would live for the rest of your life.

but see, here’s the thing… you do have the option. you can literally have whatever life you want to have but in order for you to reach it, something’s gotta change. that something is you. you know there’s things you could be doing to get you closer to the life of your dreams but for some reason you just haven’t been doing them? what is that reason? no, seriously… all of these questions can be answered and used to help you move forward.

why are you choosing to live your life comfortably uncomfortable? that doesn’t even make sense. the things you’ve been doing every day are not getting you any closer to achieving any of your goals. it may be time for a reinvention… actually, it’s pretty overdue. if you really want a brand new life, you gotta become a brand new you. you gotta start thinking, behaving, moving + believing differently. you have to go after everything you want with no hesitation.there’s only so much wishing + dreaming of change you can do before you actually need to do it. if there is no action, don’t expect it to happen.

so.. who do you want to be? how do you want to live? how do you want to feel?

take some time to envision that. can you see your dream life if you try to imagine it? cause if you can believe it, you can see it, receive it + achieve it. it’s time love. it’s been time. but better late than never. the only thing you really need to be able to move forward is you. so start working on the new blueprint of your life.

here’s some affirmations to carry with you through this process of change:

i love you ❤

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