.for the friendships i desire.

my friends are the best + they mean so much to me. the bonds i have with my friends are unbreakable. we have so much love, respect + support for one another. i’m so glad i met all of them. i love spending time with them + i love how much they love me. we’re one big family + it’s actually beautiful.

we are always helping each other out with any + everything we need. we bounce amazing ideas off of one another all time. if i ever need someone i know i can call any of them + they will be there, no questions asked. every time we do things together we have the best time.

we travel, do new things, create, make money + enjoy our lives all day every day. we’re all business minded, super successful + living our best lives. i love my friends so much. i really do

how did i get so lucky to be blessed with such amazing friends? we respect each other’s boundaries, know eachother very well, and have great conversations. i’m so excited for every moment we’re going to have together.

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