.getting through the fog

hey beautiful,

it’s been a little hazy lately but in all honesty i think it’s necessary. i believe it’s good to have a little fog when you’re moving forward because the anticipation of whats there when you finally breakthrough makes you go a little harder. it get’s you a little antsy when you’re not sure how amazing the future is. when you’re committed to change it doesn’t matter the results because you know they will be nothing short of perfect. what matters the most is getting through the fog and making it to the other side.

since it’s a new week and a new month there is so much good energy in the air that we need to tap into. i’m so glad you’re moving forward, give yourself a pat on the back because you deserve it. this past week we knew that we just need to relax a little bit and tune up our focus so that we never lost sight of it. take a deep breath, calm down + let’s go with the flow of life.

message of the week:

“freedom is my divine right. i am free to think wonderful thoughts. i move beyond past limitations into freedom. i am now becoming all that i am created to be.”

“there’s plenty for everyone, including me. the ocean of life is lavish with abundance. all of my needs + desires are met before i even ask. my good comes from everywhere, everyone + everything”

keep moving forward. keep going for everything that you want to manifest. keep your dream life in sight, if you don’t have it in your sight please get it there. know that once you get beyond the fog you will be in a new level. trust life + let it lead you to where you need to be. once you get there you’ll be surprised by how much you didn’t even expect to be there. august is bringing in abundance, let’s go get it.

energy of the week

friendships are very important this week. make sure you get out of your head as much as you can this week. continue to build on the relationships that you have been tending to. being alone is not the most profitable way to live your life. we are all meant to be here for one another on this earth, you can not walk around everyday afraid of people. that wall that you’ve been building up MUST come down. i appreciate you for realizing that + starting on it. but just a little word of advice, it would be down a lot faster if you allow the people around you to help you with it.

there’s something that you’re trying to take with you to your new life but it’s holding you back. this is something that you need to transform in some kind of way. it could be a relationship with someone, a way of thinking, a habit or an emotion. you have to heal or leave in order for you to propel. this could be transformed by releasing it + starting something new or nurturing it until it becomes something new. trust me, this is vital.

obstacle of the week

if you keep hearing a word of advice or you know there is something you need to release in your life keep that in mind right now. you will be tested on this, and if you can overcome it….. yes. you’ve literally been hurting yourself by holding onto this way of life + it’s time to let it go. it’s time to try something new, it’s time to take a different path in life.

it is okay to walk around being protected in life but remember too much of a good thing isn’t always the best. it is possible to be overprotected. when you think about the wall you’ve been building up around you you’ve been blocking not only the negative things but the positiive things too. it’s better to be prepared than to be scared.

word of the week


the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose

i am dedicated to change. i am moving forward in my life. i am dedicated to my purpose.

i love you

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