.new moon in leo 2021 energy reading

hey beautiful,

the new moon in leo is rapidly approaching us + will be here on sunday, august 8th, 2021. i don’t know about you, but i’ve been feeling the energy that’s tagging along with it for a few day and believe me when i say, it’s only getting stronger. i went ahead and asked the universe for some insight on this energy so we can tap into it to advance in life. if you haven’t tapped into any other new moon energy i highly suggest you tap into this one because not only will the moon in leo but so will the sun and mercury. this is serious.

another reason why this new moon is so powerful + important is because it is on the same day as the opening of the lion’s gate portal. now, i don’t know enough about this portal to give you a lesson on it, but there are some very helpful videos, articles, and even tweets that can tell you all about it. i just know that a lot of astrologers consider this to be the luckiest day of the year, so i’d keep that in mind when this day does come.

i created a tarot spread to assist me with channeling the energy of this new moon so if you want to channel your specific energy feel free to use it.

what energy is this new moon bringing in?

“the past is over. this is a new day, one that i have never lived before. i stay in the now + enjoy each + every moment”.

we are continuously stepping into our new life, now more than ever .with this stepping, there has to be some releasing to go with it. clearing out your life in all aspects would be very beneficial at this time. literally anything that isn’t serving you or anything you simply don’t use anymore… let it go. all of this “stuff” you are holding on to is weighing you down. be in the present moment + leave the past where it should be… in the past.

this “brand new” energy that the new moon in leo is bringing in should be used to it maximum capacity. you can use this energy to transform your entire life very quickly. august is already a month of abundance and this new moon is only going to amplify that.

what do i need to release to embrace the new?

be open to embracing the art of letting go. release it all… honestly. you have to be okay with the idea of freedom + that begins with releasing the little things. you’re the only thing that is holding you back so why not choose now to change that? embrace the idea of starting over. of course all your hard work that you did to lead up to this very moment is worth something but if you start over, trust me, it is not going to waste. it is not all for nothing. look at all the things you learned along the way, look at the growth, look at the development.

it would be a great idea to take inventory of all the things you have in your life. all of the tangible objects, beliefs, habits and even the people. once you go through all these things you’ll realize how much stuff you really have + most importantly, how much you don’t need anymore. clean house from the top to the bottom and the space that you have for new things alone will do you a great justice.

how can i best use my creativity this month?

first of all, the creativity that comes along with any leo energy is abundant. remember the sun and mercury is in leo as well so this energy is… immaculate. the amount of creativity that is flowing this month is heavy but you have to find the balance of it. do not let the idea of abundance taunt you by trying too hard to achieve it. you should NEVER have to burn yourself out to be creative… i do not care what you may have been taught. it just doesn’t make sense.

i’m not saying don’t give it your all, of course not. what i’m saying is take your time. there is no need to rush or strain yourself trying to create. this process is meant to be an easy one. one that allows the love and life to flow through you with no problem or hesitation. don’t stress yourself out trying to come up with things and it will work out in your favor.

what is blocking my creativity at the moment?

your creativity is currently being blocked because you are expecting too much from yourself. just as i said to best use your creativity, you must allow it to flow. you have to stop being so hard on yourself + setting unrealistic standards. it doesn’t help anyone to constantly feel like you’re letting yourself down. relax a little bit + watch how easy it will all flow to you.

if you’re worried about financial stability, that is understandable, but please try your hardest to not let that affect the things you are creating in life. if you are creating out of fear instead of love + light how good do you think the results will be? how authentic will the final product be? the things you produce in life should not be rushed, this is not a fast food restaurant. remember quality over quantity.

what obstacle do i need to overcome with this new moon?

all of these questions tied + poured into one another. with this new moon, you really need to evaluate your daily habits. if you are stepping into a new life, you have to do new things right? you have to be the change in order to see a change. i strongly recommend you look at everything you do on a daily because you may find a thing or two that is not helping you grow.. at all.

i’m not saying you have to completely give up this way of living but you do need to find the balance. you may have to pull back just a little + find a different area in your life to apply that energy. too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, remember that.

i hope you feel a little bit more prepared for this moon + the shift that it’s bringing with it. if you’re reading this right now i know you want change + i know you’re doing everything you can to get it. you’re almost there. keep striving, keep learning, keep evolving.

i love you.

p.s. i recorded this full channeling so if you’d rather listen to it here it is:

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