.appreciation for your dedication

hey beautiful,

it’s been quite the time huh? it’s been a little hectic lately but congratulations to you for not giving up. i am applauding, yelling, rooting, on my knees bowing down to you for all of your dedication + perseverance. i am super proud of how far you’ve came even in the past few days. you are dedicated to this + it really, honestly, truly shows in you every single moment.

even when you were at the point of breaking down, you turned that into a breakthrough. do you know how amazing you have to be in order to successfully pull off a transformation like that? uber…. and we are not talking about the app. i am just astonished at how much work you have been putting in + if nobody else will tell you, i will. YOU’RE DOING A GREAT JOB. okay? give yourself the proper credit + recognition you deserve every moment that you can. you deserve it.

looking back on last week you overcame a lot… yes, i know i said that already but i just had to say it again. you did a LOT. you even overcame the obstacle of the week and that alone deserves a round of applause soo *clap clap clap*. let’s keep this up, there’s no turning back now right? you’ve come too far to even think about turning around + going back to who you once were. the evolution is literally in full effect.

the week that is ahead of us is very promising, the energy in the air smells like frankincense + myrrh. let’s get into it a little:

the message of the week

so this week, four entire cards popped out, that’s just the first sign of all the abundance headed your way.

“i am willing to forgive. forgiveness of myself + others releases me from the past. forgiveness is the answer to almost every problem. forgiveness is a gift to myself. i forgive + i set myself free.”

“i am flexible + flowing. i am open to new + changing. every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity to become more of who i am. i flow with life easily + effortlessly.”

“i now go beyond other peoples fears + limitations. it is my mind that creates my experiences. i am unlimited in my own ability to create the good in my life.”

“there is plenty for everyone including me. the ocean of life is lavish with it’s abundance. all of my needs + desires are met before i even ask. my good comes from everywhere + everyone + everything.”

continue to release the old. these things shouldn’t just be thrown away, but nurtured + transformed into something new. new things need room + acceptance to feel welcome. all of the lack + limitations you have been taught need to be released. there is so much abundance waiting for you. the entire ocean of life is full of it + it’s waiting for you to jump in. i mean, the least you can do is put ya foot in. i promise, it’ll feel really nice.

continue to forgive as well. the more you forgive, the more you heal. the more you heal, the more you move forward. moving forward is one of the biggest energies right now. and with it being 8/8 (lions gate portal opening) + a new moon, sun + mercury in leo… babay. manifest that abundance + make room for it all. don’t send out invitations to a party + then never open the door when the guests arrive.

energy of the week

this week is screaming “THANK YOU” at the top of it’s lungs. thank you for not giving up. thank you for trusting the process. thank you for your dedication + hard work. thank you for striving. thank you for being open + receptive, the universe is very appreciative for all of that. you will be shown just how much they appreciate you this week. but remember, they’re still busy creating your future so this gratitude isn’t even at it’s full capacity. this is just a sneak peek. your future is looking so bright, its almost blinding.

pay attention to all of the signs that are delivered to you this week. take note of the angel numbers, animals that cross your path, words that you hear + see. take note of it all, see what repeats itself+ at what moment in life these things pop up. if you have to keep a journal or a note in your phone of all the things you see, please do. these signs will help lead you in the right direction.

obstacle of the week

you will be tested again this week. do not let it overtake you. stay focused when it gets a little foggy. take a step back, breathe + really analyze the situation at hand. try to focus on responding instead of reacting this week + the results will be amazing. when you chill + trust the universe everything goes a little bit smoother. don’t trip up.. especially if there’s nothing to even trip over.

if you find yourself getting a little off track, that is okay. know that you can find your way back if you want to. the only thing you have to really do is focus. as long as you can realize you’re going the wrong way, you can start making your way back to where you need to be. let’s pass this test. i’m tired grandpa.

word of the week


a strong desire to do or achieve something typically requiring determination + hard work.

desire or determination to achieve success.

you got this love. keep pushing, keep going but remember to rest + take care of yourself. you’re almost there and even when you get there enjoy it of course, but remember, that is not the end of your journey.

i love you.

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