.your hard work is not going unnoticed

i see you . i see all the hard work + dedication you’ve been putting in. i see you chasing after all your dreams, even the ones that no one else can fathom… you’re still going after them. as long as you can see it that’s all that matters right? that’s all you truly need to reach them.

i’m writing this to tell you to keep at it. keep going in the direction of everything you want. before you know it, you’ll be at your destination and everything that you’re working through right now will be worth it. please remember, you don’t have to rush to get there, enjoy where you are while you’re there. be present, be in the moment because its really all you have. fall in love with the process. every step, lesson, re-do and frustration is all for a reason.

even in those times where you feel like nothing is working out how you want it to, don’t lose faith. you can’t see it but behind the scenes, everything is being executed perfectly. you have to find that faith of everything turning out better than you can imagine. the trials + tribulations are all there for a reason. yeah, i know that’s easier said than done but keep in mind that it is not impossible. you are capable of anything that you put your mind to. it’s one of those things that you can make the smallest steps towards and still reach the finish line.

if you keep working towards everything you’ve been going after, you will revel in your success. you know the finish line is there even if you can’t see it and that alone is pure motivation to go. i believe in you. do you believe in yourself? cause you kind of have to to make it in this game. you can’t depend on anyone else to believe in your journey. you have to fuel yourself and make sure you’re checking up on you cause this is your life.

every ounce of blood, sweat + tears are being tallied up. it will all count in the end. it counts right now, you just don’t know the significance. when you reach that finish line you will be able to look back at everything you did. that feeling of satisfaction will be so sweet. keep it up love. you got this.

i love you

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