.speak your truth

hey beautiful,

please speak your mind. whatever is going on in your head that you need to get out, let it flow. if anything is bothering you, let it be known. biting your tongue has gotten you nowhere near where you could be. it hasn’t gotten you treated the way you should be treated + it definitely hasn’t gotten people to respect your needs and wishes.

you don’t have to tone down your feelings because they’re too loud for everyone else. sometimes you’re gonna have to be the loudest one in the room and that is more than okay. how do you really expect for people to even be able to respect your boundaries if you don’t set them. if you’re just minimizing yourself for the sake of making sure everyone else has enough room you’ll forever be uncomfortable + looked over.

you don’t have to make yourself easier to deal with by keeping your mouth closed. you have to do what’s best for you cause nobody else is. if someone doesn’t agree with you or try to compromise with you, that is on them. it is not your problem or responsibility to manage how other people respond to you. make sure you’re good and everybody else will be okay.

it’s also okay to match energy. stop going above and beyond to respect other people’s wishes and trying to make them happy when they are not even thinking about attempting to do the same for you. speaking your truth does not make you a burden, it allows you to be free. it allows you to weed out the people who genuinely don’t care.

i love you

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