.what is it that you desire?

hey beautiful, 

first + foremost, thank you. thank you for showing up, thank you for being so great, thank you for making it this far. every obstacle that comes your way, you continue to overcome + that is purely amazing. this process to become the person you are meant to be is so beautiful, just take a look at it all. 

this past week was a little challenging but you didn’t let that stop you. you didn’t let anything keep you off track although you might have been thrown off a little bit. round of applause to you.

i’m glad you now realize you can not continue to put other people before you. it isn’t fair to yourself for you to prioritize anyone who isn’t doing the same to you. nothing against them but you gotta care about you first. 

if you were a cup you would be empty. you keep pouring from your cup without making sure you take some time to refill. let people find other sources sometimes, you don’t have to save everyone… actually, you cant. if that’s not apparent to you by now, you’re choosing to ignore it cause its obvious. and everyone who isn’t treating you the way you deserve to be treated may not be doing it on purpose but as long as the bar is on the floor why would they do anything more than that?

some of your relationship dynamics have to change + i’m glad you realize that now. i believe i said this before but, there is no way you should be suffering at the expense of someone else’s happiness. i don’t care who they are. you deserve to be happy at all costs in every moment of life. choose you. choose your dreams, choose your happiness + choose your peace. at the same time don’t ONLY consider your happiness. no one should be suffering at the expense of your happiness either. it’s a two way street. 

before i forget… did you pay attention to all the signs that came to you this week? the animals, numbers, messages on signs and the dreams… please reflect on all of those and continue to pay attention in the near future. i have a feeling these are all very important messages regarding what’s going on in your life right now. 

this past week was a little less challenging than the previous weeks but still quite a challenge. If you keep in mind everything that you learned moving forward you will get further and heal more rapidly. so, now that we got that out, lets talk about the week that is ahead of us.

the message 

“my healing is already in process.my willingness to forgive begins my healing process. i allow the love from my own heart to wash through me, cleansing + healing every part of my body. I know i am worth healing.”

these scars + traumas that you have from your past are in the process of being healed. the more you dig + start to face these feelings that you’ve buried in a time so long ago, the more you will allow yourself to heal. you will continue to remember + discover so many things that you went through that affects who you are today. things that you may not have thought of since they happened. but allow those memories to flow. allow them to be analyzed + nurtured so they can be transformed into something beautiful. 

“all my relationships are harmonious. when we create harmony in our minds + hearts, we will find it in our lives. the inner creates the outer, always.”

in order for the people around you to love, uplift + respect you, you must do that for yourself first. you have to treat yourself how you want others to treat you. showing everyone what you deserve by giving it to yourself + accepting nothing less is how you should go about life. no one is going to notice how bad they are treating you if it’s normal to you, not even you.

the energy of the week 

relationships. basically, the same thing with the message of the week. some aspects in your relationships are going to have to change. it’s a great time to do so, use the energy that will be in the air to set some boundaries + expectations for the current + future relationships that you have with people. it’s time to change that, especially if you want to be surrounded by great supportive people. you have to start attracting a different type of energy, so let’s start now. 

continue to put yourself first. seriously + don’t even think about feeling bad about it. start working on the trauma response that you have of people pleasing. it’s time to please yourself, you deserve the extra tlc. 

obstacle of the week 

i feel like there is some strong masculine energy in this week when it comes to putting yourself first. it could be you overthinking something or an actual person. either way you really need to put your foot down + stick to your decision. don’t continue to revert back to what you’re comfortable with, it’s played out. whatever feelings you have to express this week, please take your time with gathering all the words + things you want to say. remember, no one can read your mind so make sure your selection is pristine.

if you find yourself in a banter this week, keep it cool, calm + collected. no need to get upset or frustrated + if you do, take a moment to cool down. as long as you get your complete point across, there will be nothing but good from this situation. no matter how it turns out, once you get everything on the table it’s off your chest + out of your hands. 

this week is coming in with a lot of high hopes. although, there will be obstacles, there is nothing that you can not achieve + after this obstacle right here, you will be rewarded tremendously. 

word of the week 

desire: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen 

this week will be easy, breezy beautiful. i’m determined. you got this, read this as much as you need to. you can even listen to the voicemails all the time. 

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