.full moon in aquarius 2021 energy reading

hey beautiful,

it’s about that time… the full moon is on it’s way to us + it’ll be here in a few days. this time the moon is in aquarius so it’s bringing that air sign energy with it + it’s coming strong. since the new moon was mostly about embracing the art of releasing, how do you think you did? what things +/or people did you realize you need to release in order to step into your new life? i know there’s a couple of things that made it to the chopping block for me.

another thing this new moon showed us was we needed to find the perfect balance in our life. especially when it came to balancing the scale of us vs. everyone else. we can’t continue to put other people and things above us because it isn’t fair to us. finding this equilibrium in this life is the key to constantly moving forward. i know that’s been super challenging, but remember, small steps add up. hopefully, your creativity is unblocked or it’s starting to clear up due to this new found balance.

the obstacle that came with the new moon was accepting + embracing all of the new things that need to come into your life. if you continue to implement these new ways, you will continue to prosper. also overcoming the art of people pleasing… that’s over with. it is not your job to please everyone in the world. i promise you that is not your purpose… why would anyone assign you such an impossible task?

so let’s get into this full moon in aquarius. as usual, i came up with a few questions to channel the energy that it’s bringing. before i even started shuffling the cards, i felt a rush of clarity + excitement. you take that and do with it as you wish.

what’s the energy of this full moon?

the energy coming with this full moon is love. all the new things that you’ve been discovering should be filled with love. fall in love with the person you are becoming. fall in love with everything in your life + watch how much life will love you back. with everything new that has been coming in leading up to this full moon it’s time to let it know that you appreciate + welcome it in your life. it’s kind of like meeting new people, you can’t treat them like strangers if you want to build the relationship + get close with them. you have to welcome them with open arms + tell them “make yourself at home” cause this is just that, their new home.

what message is this full moon bringing?

“it’s only a thought + a thought can be changed. i am not limited by any past thinking. i choose my thoughts with care. i constantly have new insight + new ways of looking at my world. i am willing to change + grow.”

this goes hand in hand with filling all of these new ways of life with love. changing your thought process and beliefs will allow your entire world to change. your whole life has been being produced based on your thoughts + you didn’t even realize it. but now that you are knowledgeable of how this thing called life works you can begin to reprogram your whole thing. it definitely is a journey but it is so worth it. there will be so many more changes + realizations coming your way so continue to embrace them. this is only the beginning.

what should be released?

continue to purge out the things that don’t serve you. you’re at a fork in the road + you have to make a choice in the direction you’re going. you can either choose to go with what you’re familiar with or you can go a completely different way. the way that you’re used to may seem like the best option because it’s the easiest way but honestly, it’s not. just like the message says “i am willing to change + grow”, take that risk. that’s the only way you’re going to reach new places in your life. it’s time to take a new route so you can see some new scenery.

the lovers card made an appearance when i asked this question as well. i feel like the people around you need to be embraced. there are some relationships around you that can really help you out in life. there are people out there for you just waiting for you to open up + be receptive of them. yes, some parts of this journey will benefit you the most to go through alone but a lot of them will require some good help from some good people. it’s okay to be alone sometimes but a lonely life is not a fulfilling one at all.

what do we need to grow through to reach our next destination?

get up.

this is going to be a challenge + you’re going to have to put up a fight for everything you want. you have to let your dreams fuel you to get through every obstacle. make the decision to overcome these obstacles + stick beside those decisions. once you make it through these growing pains, you will be right where you want to be. have complete faith in yourself + believe you are capable + deserving of all of your wildest dreams. you will reach the next stop in no time.

what chapter is closing?

“fixin to”. we are no longer getting ready for our new life. we’re no longer having to give ourselves the pep talk to get in the zone because we’re there. we’re submerged in the zone + on the way to everything we’ve been praying for. we’re here, in the process, every moment of the day. we’re moving on to the chapter of action. we’ve done enough research, studying + preparing. we took our time with it + now we can continue to move forward.

what a beautiful chapter this was. we learned so much + overcame even more. this full moon is going to be immaculate. i can feel the energy in the air now. so much change + growth will be taking place over the next two weeks. you got this.

i love you so much.

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