.you made it to the next level

hey beautiful,

woman oh woman… what a breakthrough this week was. chileeeee, i could kiss ya feet right now. i’m so proud of you + your growth. you have decided to choose you first + that’s probably the most liberating thing you’ve done in a minute. being the team captain of your life is necessary asl to get things done the way you want them to be done. you get to decide on the qualifications that need to be met in order for someone to be on your side. you get to choose who does and doesn’t make the cut + stand in that. don’t let things slide, don’t let potential be a deciding factor because you will be disappointed. if you get an a+ on every assignment doing the bare minimum would you try any harder?

this past week was beautiful. it was necessary to get to the next chapter + you made it here. you found the key to unlock the next door. finding the balance in your life was the repeating message over the past few weeks + you did it… you passed the test!!!

*and the crowd goes wild*

this week is going to be amazing. andddd it’s a full moon tonight. you have been putting in that work releasing a lot of the old + it’s time for some new. i’m waiting with open arms.

the message of the week

“i am totally adequate for all situations. i am one with the power + wisdom of the universe. i claim this power + it is easy for me to stand up for myself.”


“all is well in my world. everything is working out for my highest good. out of every situation, only good will come. i am safe.”

every single thing that is happening is happening for you. any + everything that comes this week, no matter how confused you may be that it is happening, is going to result in something amazing. i need you to believe that. stop doubting yourself + stop doubting the things that you literally have been manifesting into your life. you are aware of what you’ve been doing so you have to recognize that you are in control no matter what unfolds. all the good, the bad + the ugly are ultimately beautiful.

call on the spirit of the spider this week. think of how creative, patience + visual a spider is. i mean, look at the beautiful webs they construct. envision everything you want in the future instead of living in the past or creating these unnecessary scenarios in your head. focus one everything you do want, forget the things you don’t. execute love. tap into your creativity + start producing everything you want to bring into fruition.

the energy of the week

stand your ground. figure out what you will + won’t tolerate then stand in that. acknowledge what you deserve, believe in that + don’t lose sight of it. you gotta set yourself free and stay that way, no more shackles, no more sadness. the energy that’s floating around this week is doing what’s best for you. speak your truth + say what’s on your mind. if something has been bothering you, you need to let that out. stop faking it. you have to get that off your chest in order for you to clear up your mind.

you’ve been sitting there uncomfortable as ever because you are too worried about coming off the wrong way or being difficult. fuggedabout it. you have to put yourself first, you really do. nobody can read your mind and being docile is not getting you anywhere so let’s keep it that way.

+ whatever you say from here on out, SAY IT WITCHA CHEST.

the obstacle of the week

i feel like this week is bringing in a wrecking ball. you will be tested to see if you really found the balance that you’ve been looking for. takes us back to the spider. when they build their webs and they get messed up the spider will quickly be there to repair it. don’t stop at anything because life will carry on with or without you fully in the game. if you get off track, find your way back.

another key thing to focus on balancing is your feminine + masculine sides. remember last week when one of the obstacles was a masculine energy? you have to get that under control. it’ll be a challenge but it won’t be an impossible task. trust me when i say it will be a challenge though. lol

please reread or listen to this as many times as you need to to make it through the week. you’re in a new chapter so, pay close attention.

i love you

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