.hey september… wassup?

hey beautiful,

you made it through another month. we’re now nine months into 2021 + it’s almost as if time is flying. looking back, we really have come a long way in such a short amount of time. this year so far has been eye opening, life changing + amazing. there has been a lot of ups + downs but nothing has stopped what we got going on. how good does that feel?

august was a month of abundance. there was a lot of opportunities + breakthroughs that happened this month + you have grown so much since the first. i’m glad we tuned in a little bit more + decided to really play this game of life the way it should be played. remember some of the messages of the month was to put yourself first, speak your truth + trust the process. i feel like you accomplished all of those things in some way. there still may be some ways to go but you started + that’s way more than you had going on before.

people pleasing is over. putting your emotions on pause is over. living for the sake of other people is OVER + done with. there’s no going back to way you used to live once you’ve gotten a taste of how good the other side is. august was also a month of paying attention to the signs that appeared to you in your dreams + reality. taking note of all the messages the universe was sending you helped you progress over the past 30 days + they will continue to do so. keep your eyes open as we move through this month because it doesn’t stop here.

september 2021 is a month of shadow work. it’s been something that’s been getting pushed off a little bit but there’s no avoiding it now. we have to do this in order to propel forward + i feel like i’ve said this about 30 times but it’s okay… we can make it 31. let’s get into september.

the message of the month

“it is safe to look within. as i move through the layers of others people’s opinions + beliefs i see within myself a magnificent being, wise + beautiful. i love what i see in me”

this goes hand in hand with the shadow work that will be done this month. it’s time to really see what you are composed of + how everything has been affecting you. finding the balance of the dark + the light aspects of ourselves is crucial this month as it will allow us to be harmonious. since we’re no longer putting other peoples opinions + beliefs before ours we can move forward + heal.

“my life is a mirror. the people in my life are really mirrors of me. this affords me the opportunity to grow + change.”

since we have worked this past month so hard on opening up to the people around us + allowing them into our lives we will notice a shift. you may not have noticed how closed off everyone around you was to you because you were busy being closed off to them. you can now make room for great relationships with these people in your life + the same goes with people you haven’t met. not only will the people in your life open up to you but so will opportunities, change + abundance.

“i experience love wherever i go. love is everywhere. i am loving + lovable. loving people fill my life + i find myself easily expressing love to others.”

this month will be filled with love. just like the last message about the people around you being a mirror, if you continue to pour love into your life, you will continuously get that back. since you are opening yourself up to life, you now have room to receive everything that it has been trying to give you. this month will be glorious.

the energy of the month

the energy that september is bringing is finding peace of mind. there will be a lot of things you have to do in order to accomplish the things you wish but don’t let that get you in a fret. allow yourself to take a deep breath when necessary + meditate to keep your head on straight. no, seriously, meditate as much as you can because it will definitely be necessary. there will be a number of opportunities presenting themselves this month so do everything you can to get them done while maintaining your inner peace.

remember to take your breaks when you need to. although you have a lot to do, do not over do it. set your goals, prioritize them, schedule your tasks + stick to it. focus on doing what you love + what’s necessary to get to where you want to go. if you have an amazing idea, just write it down + figure out where you can fit it in. you do not have to do everything at once because that’s only going to burn you out.

the obstacle of the month

of course there’s gonna be some obstacles this month… but it’s nothing you can’t overcome. one of the obstacles is getting caught up in the presence of others. yes, you may have just started to really let people in but don’t let that become a distraction. it’s always good to socialize + have fun but don’t get carried away to the point of getting behind on your work. make sure your inner + outer work is a priority. as long as you get what you need to get done you can chill + have fun as much as you want to… nobody is gonna stop you.

take your shadow work serious this month, do it as much as you can. please follow along + actually do these prompts that we have put together. you need to get this out of the way so you can move forward, soooooo what is the hold up? honestly. there’s no need to sit around being sad if you can be happy. keep going after everything you’ve been going after because eventually it will stick.

the word of the month

energize: give vitality + enthusiasm to.

everything that you have in your head… energize it. all of your ideas, your new life, your healing put some energy behind it.

so… that’s what this month is looking like. i’m excited for everything that you have going for you. we are healing baby, we are having fun, we are living our best life. continue to connect with the people around you + the people in your life but a little birdie told me do not get too attached too quickly. you have to focus, you don’t really need a distraction right now.

that money that you have been waiting on is doing the exact same thing… waiting. waiting on you to stop holding yourself back, waiting on you to do everything you can do to get it, waiting on you to make the necessary moves to release it. do what you want to do, trust your instincts + go in for the bullseye. believe in yourself, tell yourself you can do anything every day + watch how beautifully this month unfolds.

i love you so much .

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