.if you’ve been seeing spiders

hey beautiful,

if you’ve been noticing a sudden appearance of spiders in your dreams + reality, it isn’t happening for no reason. take note when these creatures are sent to you because the universe is encouraging you to keep working on all the things you are currently doing. you’re headed in the right direction + you should definitely keep going because there will be great rewards.

think of how creative, meticulous + patient a spider has to be. i mean, they create these beautiful + intricate webs from absolutely nothing. the amount of planning that has to be done in order to pull these masterpieces off has to be tremendous. they don’t even have pen + paper so they literally create everything in their mind before they start executing. that’s exactly what these creatures are telling you to do.

everything that you’ve been thinking about doing has to be planned out first. literally visualize, write out everything you want to do + then figure out each + every step you have to take to complete them. in order to push out your visions, you are going to have to get them out of your head. let your creativity run wild because there is no limit to what you can do. whatever it is that you have your mind set on, you can achieve it.

once you have each + every step figured out you know what you have to do next right? you have to start taking these steps. you have to believe in yourself + know that it is possible for you to bring everything to reality. even if the steps you are taking are extremely tiny, they are all going to add up in the end. you will reach your destination eventually. have you ever seen a half finished spider web? personally, i haven’t so that’s just motivation to do everything you need to no matter how difficult it gets.

even if it does get a little difficult or something goes wrong there’s always something you can do to repair your web. just because everything doesn’t go as plan or something happens that knocks you off track a little bit doesn’t mean you can’t move forward. since spiders have eight legs, this is another message to find the balance in every aspect of your life. it is a key to have this balance between the past, present + future so there is always harmony. the number eight also symbolizes discipline + patience. if you can bring all of these to your party that is life, you will have a great turn out.

if it seems that you see spiders everywhere you turn your head, know that it is definitely for a reason. now that you know a few of them, do you feel any better? hopefully you have the clarity you needed to really start executing everything you’ve been creating in your head.

i love you.

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