.it’s time to look within

hey beautiful,

how are you? how has the universe + life been treating you? hopefully through all the challenges you can still answer with a smile on your face that life is amazing, it is what it should be. that’s the goal right? to not let the tough moments + low times define our total life. to see life as a one big game + to embrace the ways that it tests us. to look at everything as something that is helping us get to where we want + need to be.

there is so much i can say about this past week but something is just telling me not to. not that this week wasn’t important but it’s like the week coming up is way more important + we should focus on that the most. this past week was definitely necessary + i believe we will see just how important it was as this week continues to play out. i won’t even talk your head off more than necessary, let’s just jump into everything that this week will bring.

the message of the week

“it’s only a thought + a thought can be changed. i am not limited to any past thinking. i choose my thoughts with care. i constantly have new insights+ ways of looking at my world. i am willing to change + grow.”


“the past is over. this is a new day. one that i have never lived before. i stay in the now + enjoy each + every moment.”

it’s time to ramp up the belief a little bit. all of your past beliefs about lack and limitation will continue to be released so you can reach new heights. since you now have new insights you will be capable of changing your outer sight to something you’ve never imagined before. doubting yourself is old news, yes it’s going to be a challenge to let go of that mindset, but keep chipping away at it because you’re making progress. the space that you’re at right now is somewhere you’ve never been so take note of + be proud of that. look at how much you’ve moved forward in the past few months alone.

each + every day this week is a brand new day… let that sink in. each moment you are alive is a moment that you’ve never lived before. how amazing is that? remind yourself of that as much as you can/need to + you will be more present than ever before. take your time to appreciate each second because the only thing you have is now.

the energy of the week

you will have to make a decision in life this week. you are approaching a fork in the road + you’re going to have to decide which route to take. you don’t have to make this decision right away but also don’t hesitate or stall for too long. take some time to do some self reflection before you make this decision because you are holding yourself back in some way. there’s a chance of your head + vision getting cloudy if you don’t take some time to yourself.

i know last week one of the messages was too meditate but let’s be honest… did you really? no, thinking about how much you should be meditating right now doesn’t count. you need to clear your mind. so get those thoughts out somehow. whenever you are feeling a bunch of feelings + thoughts taking over your mind, grab a journal, record yourself talking, do whatever you have to do to free up some space in there. if you can get these thoughts out before they become a jumbled mess in your mind that would be even better. it will benefit you tremendously to go through this week with your head a little more leveled than it was last week. trust me.

the obstacle of the week

distractions are heavy this week. this is the perfect time to get your head in the game + focus on where you’re going. like all the squirrels that we’ve been seeing lately have been telling us, you really need to prepare for your future. if you take your time to make the right decision on which path you want to go down, you can reach the state of abundance you’ve been waiting for. all the seeds you’ve been planting will bloom this week if you allow them + tend to them the right way.

there’s no way to know what the future holds so you can’t spend your time being afraid of the unknown. the only thing you can be sure of is that it is meant for you and will bring good things into your life. so instead of tip-toeing through each day, stride through like you were the headliner model for new york fashion week. be confident that this week + the rest of your stay here on earth will be amazing. work on believing that with your entire heart + it will be the best time ever. quite a few cards came out for the obstacle of the week so i strongly encourage you to listen to the podcast to get the full message.

word of the week


the ability to understand some thing immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

trust yourself okay? trust your feelings that you have + trust the process. your intuition will also be strengthened if you really meditate this week because you will quiet down all the voices that are speaking to you out of fear+ doubt. you always know what’s really going on you just have to weed out + mute the voices that are telling you otherwise.

that’s all i got for you this week. please check back in on this periodically so you can get the most out of this week + move forward with ease.

i love you so much,

i’ll talk to you soon.

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