.forgive + let go

hey beautiful,

it’s time for forgiveness. it’s time to stop holding onto things that will never change. you can’t hold onto pain because at some point it starts to take up too much space. there’s so much love you can make room for once you decide to heal. not only do you need to forgive everyone who has caused you pain in your life, you need to forgive yourself for all the times you caused yourself pain.

all the times you feel like you shouldn’t have done something or you wish you would’ve done it differently… you have to forgive yourself for. you can’t continue to beat yourself up for things that already happened. there’s absolutely no point in doing that. dwelling on the past will do nothing for you but keep you down. you have to release all of that and focus on what really matters… the present.

the same goes for all the people or circumstances that have brought you pain. you have to forgive them. you have to believe that it was all meant to happen + even though it hurt your feelings or didn’t go how you wanted it to go… it happened. anyone who you feel betrayed you, let you down, or abandoned you was supposed to. the relationship had to come to an end + that is more than okay. they do say nothing good lasts forever… maybe because it get’s great.

there’s no need to worry about what could’ve been cause if it should’ve been, it would’ve been.

when you let go of this hurt, you are setting everything + everyone, including yourself free. new doors will open up for you once you begin to close the old ones. the past is the past, let’s live in the present + create the most amazing future that we can.

i love you.

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