.focus on the now

hey beautiful,

focus. you need to be grounded to get to where you’re going. you have to come down from the clouds so you can see as clear as you need to. all the thoughts that you constantly have everyday are starting to become a jumbled mess. you’ve been floating so long it’s almost as if you’ve forgotten how to walk. it’s okay though, it’ll be an easy thing to get back to now that you recognize that’s what you’ve been doing.

you can become a person who is both grounded + in tune with everything around them. you can use your imagination to create your reality. continue to let your thoughts out + share them with those who care.

i know the people + circumstances from your past may have you a little cautious, but the past is over. you’re in a different place + your mindset has to catch up to the current time. this brand new version of you is safe.

i love you

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