.whatever happens, happens

hey beautiful,

slow down. your mind is constantly racing + it’s in need of a break. you can not overthink every single thought. you really just have to let things play out the way they were meant to.

every situation that you come across is going to unfold eventually, so why not let it do just that? why not let it play out first + figure it out along the way. instead of creating all these scenarios + outcomes in your mind that will never actually happen, be here in real life. know that whatever is on it’s way to you is exactly what you need in life. whatever is going to happen is going to happen.

be a little more patient + let life do it’s thing. become indulged in the present moment because once it’s gone, it’s gone…you’ll never get it back. trust the universe + the path it has created for you because it is the best one for you. life will not let you down, you have to know that y’all are on the same team. you are the co-creator of your life so living a life of harmony is the best way to live it.

seriously take some time each day to ground yourself + realize that you’re actually here right now. meditate, journal, talk to people around you because you need to get out of the clouds. you need to be here right now. you’ve made it through everything that came your way thus far so, you’re winning. get out of your head love, it’s time to play the main character and enjoy everything that’s in store for you.

i love you.

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