.a certified farmer

hey beautiful,

thank you for making it this far. this week alone was a marathon, a noice marathon, but a marathon nonetheless. you gave it your best + those efforts got you here today. this is the fastest you’ve completed a marathon ever so shout out to you for that… seriously, you deserve a trophy.

let’s do some reflecting on this week, shall we?

last week, you learned that you needed to start believing in yourself as much as you can. everything that you’ve been working on is not for no reason + you wouldn’t even be doing it if you didn’t believe in it. each path you’ve chosen to take in your life was the best choice you ever could’ve made + once your realize + carry that with you each day things start clearing up. you become more present in every moment + you realize you are the main character + you are in complete control.

all of the things you have believed up to this point were true… but that’s because you believed them to be. you made it real the second you didn’t think there was another option. i’m so glad you now realize your options are limitless. you don’t have to go with what you were taught or conform to who the world want’s you to be because you know who you are. you know there’s no limits to this + you’re the only one who has to believe in you for you to prosper.

if you don’t believe in yourself… no one else will either.

you’re in this now aren’t you? you’re in this game for the long run + it’s thrilling. no matter what this game has in store for you… you’ve decided to go for it. you’ve decided to love your life + accept nothing less. you’ve broken through that stage of your life + it’s time for you to level up.

let’s get a sneak peek of what this week has in store for us.

the message of the week

“there is plenty for everyone, including me. the ocean of life is lavish with it’s abundance. all of my needs + desires are met before i even ask. my good comes from everywhere + everyone + everything.”


“as i say yes to life, life says yes to me. life mirrors my every thought. as i keep my thoughts positive life brings me only good experiences”

both of these messages are piggybacking on the message from last week which was letting go of all of our limiting self beliefs. you’re continuing to break those beliefs + you’re getting close + closer to releasing them for good. since you’ve been thinking more positively look at all the things that have been changing around you, how many things have been working out for you, how happy have you been? a lot.

when you find yourself thinking a negative/discouraging thought grab a hold of it + tell it amazing things. nurture that wound inside of you that doubts what you’re deserving and worthy of. fill yourself with positive affirmations and kind words so you can continue to rewrite your life.

focus on all things positive this week because this is the final stretch before this crop is ready for harvesting.

the energy of the week

this week will be a very successful one and i’ll tell you how to tap into that. give yourself all of the credit you deserve. if you have to go into your memories, journals, old posts, pictures… do that as a reflexxion of your progress. seeing how far you’ve came will bring you an adrenaline rush + so much fulfillment. every moment, you’re moving closer to something you once didn’t even know existed.

that taste that’s in your mouth, keep it there. keep that hunger for all of your dreams because this dream never ends. you’ve reached this level that you’re on but there is so many more ahead of you so keep that in the back of your mind. keep that pushing you + keep believing that it will all be the best for you.

the obstacle of the week

progression. you’re going to have to make a big move + with that comes a decision. whatever this decision is, you have to think critically on it… but not too critically. make sure you have a good balance with head + heart when it comes to this decision you have to make.

another thing you’re gonna need to reach this clarity is a clear mind. DO YOUR MEDITATION okay. breathe frequently. when you feel like your head is going into a spin take a minute or two + center yourself. when you find yourself getting too far away from reality… breathe. you have to be grounded this week to get to where it’s taking you.

be prepared for a flow of direction because when you keep this clear mind you will make room to be divinely guided. i know you’ve been feeling a lot of emotions lately but that is okay. it’s good to feel those emotions because you can release them. they’ve always been there but you’ve been ignoring them + pretending. aren’t you glad that’s over.

we’ve been at the bottom… the only way out is up.

the word of the week


the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

take your time. you already put in your order, it’s on the way to you… no matter how many times you check on the delivery date its going to get to you when it gets to you. in the meantime all you have to do is do everything you can to prepare for it’s arrival.

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