.it’s time to harvest your crop, farmer

hey beautiful,

how does it feel to know that the seeds you’ve been planting are almost ready to be harvested? everything you’ve been working on is blooming like the flowers in the spring time + babaaaay… it’s beautiful. have you taken anytime lately to reflect on your growth? i remember when all of this was just a thought in your mind, an imagination gone wild, now look at you. you’re living your dream life. you’re a full time farmer with a flourishing garden.

all the love + attention that you’ve been giving to yourself + everything around you is very much appreciated. it’s grown so much in the last 6 months alone and that’s something you can’t deny. your harvest is bound to be a beautiful one.

give yourself the recognition you need in order to see how far you’ve come. zoom out so you can see the bigger picture + when you’re done, zoom in to be the bigger picture.

go through your old photos, notebook + anything else that takes you back a little bit. your outlook on your entire life will be elevated.

always know where you’re going, never forget where you came from, but remember right now is all you have.

i love you

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