.rushing to your head

hey beautiful,

i need you to ground yourself okay? the past few day’s were spent somewhere in the clouds but that’s okay.. as a wise soul once told me “life would be boring if there were no bad days”. they’re absolutely right… if you didn’t have any challenges, anything to learn or anything to gain this experience would be seasonless… very much bland.

i’m sending you love because you got through that. you got through the lows + you’re that much closer to experiencing the highs. the only way you can go is up.

focus on your breathing as much as you can. when you find yourself in the coziness of your little dream world remember that you can have that in real life. it’s like you’re always going to go visit a friend that never comes to visit you. kind of like you’re so in love with their place that you escape from yours whenever you can.

you have to make your reality cozy so you can enjoy yourself exactly where you are. you gotta start staying home, life gets exhausting when you start moving too much. but i understand… you have to like your home to want to be home. so when are you gonna start liking your home? when are you going to make the decision to change the things around you? time isn’t going anywhere buuuuuutt… it is ticking.

make a move love.

i love you

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