.jump right in

hey beautiful,

you made it through another week, another 7 days, another 168 hours + although it was a little much in the end you reached peace. the peace that you’ve been looking for, you finally found it. you just had to get through the noise in your head that was having too much fun being loud + wrong. i love that for you.

have you realized that this is literally your dream life? this very moment right here, every single moment that you are living right now is your dream life. look at it, if you haven’t notice this, look at what you’ve been doing. look at all the things in your life that’s happened recently + really analyze it. it all has some role in the movie that you’re starring in. this is what you’ve been asking for, this is the script you’ve been working so hard on.

i just wanna give you a shoutout because you KEEP having breakthroughs and leveling up. you are the truest version of yourself that you’ve ever been. round of applause

i love that for you too.

also, i’m super happy that you’re continuously working on trusting the process. with each day, you lean in a bit more + give away a piece of control. keep that up, keep making progress, keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing amazing. there’s no other pace that you have to go at but your own, this life is a life of comfort.

you’re really here right now, living your dream life….

go ahead… you can smile, you can get up + dance, you can even scream with joy. let it OUT! let that happiness out, the universe loves knowing that it’s making you happy. keep giving + keep getting. it’s literally like the 3….2….1…. blast off type of situation. we’ve taken off in a rocket speeding into space and we’re about to explore the entire galaxy.

trust me, we’re farrrrrr away from houston. so, no worries there.

okay sooo… i hope you’re buckled up buckaroo cause this week is about to be a ride. hold on to your hat.

the message

“the best way to learn how to swim, is to jump right in”.

you’ve tested the waters, you know it’s the perfect temperature + you’re going to be safe in there so get in. it’s been fun putting your feet in + trying to not get your hair wet or whatever, but let’s do something different. what are you afraid of? having fun? do you hear how ridiculous that is?

it’s time for the final call on the things that can’t go with you to your new life. the box of things labeled “maybe” is the last thing you need to get through before you’re clear to move. word of advice: if you’ve been contemplating this long… it’s probably something that’s not good for you but you enjoy it. things like that aren’t welcome in the new land, they’re actually banned. so, i’d go ahead + get rid of it if i were you.

the energy

focus on your community. seriously, when you rememerge from your shell that you’re in right now COME ON OUT. come outsideeeeee. don’t be shy or afraid of anything that is here for you in this world because remember, everything that is on the way to you is for your greater good. everything that is coming is helping you grow. it’s all happening for you, not to you.

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but back to the community…

reach out to your people. you need to connect with the people around you. this is one of the things that you have to decide to throw away because it’s hindering you. and although, you’re safe in your head because other people can’t reject you, that fear has to go. you can’t hold onto that fear anymore. it isn’t serving you, it’s holding you back + i promise you, the greatest things in your life is on the flip side of this.

the challenge

face yourself. face your fears, figure them out + assign them new roles. you are the ceo of all this stuff going on inside of you. for sure, sometimes you can’t help what you feel about some things but you can definitely control how these feelings affect you. when you face yourself, you’ll be looking from a different view so you’ll be able to see things you’ve never seen before. you may even look like somebody off the street, but keep looking, it’ll start looking real familiar.

when you look within yourself and see things in a different light, it will automatically be reflected in your outer sight. meaning, your reality will also continue to be redecorated. note: when you’re getting new furniture and moving things around,have some type of visual in mind. even if that’s the combination of four different house styles, 7 different colors + a different era in every room. you can do that, you can do anything what you want but you need a plan. not a plan in your head, not some idea that’s having fun sitting at imagination station, but a plan that you write/draw out, a plan that you revisit every day, a plan that you work on all. thee. time. if someone who didn’t live inside your head all day came and read this plan of yours they should be able to see it exactly how you imagine.

trust me, this works, try it out.

the word

large in quantity; abundant.

that’s what this week will be(period)

well, that’s all i got. i’m 100% sure, that’s not all you have in store but no need to ruin the surprise, we’re going to be right there when it unfolds + that’s the fun part.

i love you

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