.october 2021: a reading

hey beautiful,

we made it through another 30 days and nights + weren’t they full? full of love, growth, abundance + light. everything was great in september. all the energy that it told us it was bringing was definitely brought + then it brought some more.

to read the full letter on september feel free to check it out here

stepping into this month, you can take everything you just learned and apply it to your october days. continue to accept all the love that is flowing into your life + watch how you continue to bloom. all the things you got out of your head definitely freed up some space for new + improved things to come. you’re no longer at max capacity + anything you need to bring into your reality will easily come to you.

now, onto spooky season. i’m excited for everything that this month will bring + even before i started pulling cards there was an overwhelming feeling of success. happiness is here, it’s all around us. let’s tap into this energy + see what october has in store for us.

the message

“i trust the process of life. there is a rhythm + flow to life + i am part of it. life supports me + brings to me only good + positive experiences. i trust the process of life to bring me my highest good.”

continue to trust the process. it’s been a work in progress + it’s definitely working more than it ever has before but don’t stop here. anytime a negative or limiting thought comes up in your head, try your best to counter it with positive, unlimited support. the world is yours, you can achieve anything you want to, you just have to believe you can have it + trust the universe to deliver it to you safely. it’s on the way to you… can’t you feel it?

“my home is a peaceful haven. i bless my home with love. i put love in every corner + my home lovingly responds with warmth + comfort. i am at peace.”

every aspect of your home is beautiful. you’re moving into your new place. whether that’s a new physical home, a tax bracket, a mindset, a lifestlye, friendships… the options are limitless. you have been working on what you want your new thing to look like so now that you have that in mind keep it there. make a list of everything you want, decide on how it’ll look, find out how much it costs, find the feeling of having it + hold it. go shopping. even if it’s window shopping, the act of going out + putting things on your wish list will bring it to you faster.

“i prosper wherever i turn. i now see opportunites for abundance everywhere. i am blessed + prospered.”

everything in your reality has been set up specifically + especially for you. the world around you is abundant + the more you open up to it’s abundance the more it will give out. every single moment of life is designed for you to flourish + thrive so take it as that. anything that may seem a little off your track is not. you’re definitely on track and you may not see that immediately but believe it. trust it.

the energy

there is bigggg change this month. i mean, huge change. yes, you’re already in the process of changing but it doesn’t stop here. it’s like you’ve been growing a fruit tree for some time. you planted the seed, watered it, talked to it, nurtured it, kept it free of weeds + pests + watched it grow. now it’s standing tall + about to bear fruit for the first time ever. you knew it was coming, you’ve been working + waiting for this exact moment + it is here for you now. remember, the growth is everlasting. the tree will continue to grow + bear fruit over the years but this right here, right now, is huge. congratulations.

partnerships also came up. not much else, but just keep the idea of partnership in your mind. when the time comes, you will know exactly why this was an important message.

the challenge

i feel like this month you need to enjoy your blessings before you try to share them with everyone else. i know this came up in one of the last readings but it’s more evident now. those fruits we were just talking about… you need to try + enjoy them alone first. sit back + bask in the glory of all your hard work + treat yourself before you have a dinner party you know? it’s okay to enjoy yourself a little + make sure you’re in great standing before you check on everyone else.

be meticulous with your sharing. it’s kind of like you need to put yourself on an energy budget. you have more coming in so you can definitely increase how much you share with people but you can also choose not to. some things are just meant to be stumbled upon. find those who are there for you + who truly want the best for you. they are there + they will help you harvest without eating all the fruit.

the word


evidence or proof provided by the existence or appearance of something.

this is your testimony. you are a testimony. the life you’re living is a testimony.

well… i’m excited for everything this month will bring. be on the lookout for sooooo much coming from myReflexxion okay? we’re in this together.

i love you so much.

here’s the exclusive recording of the entire reading:

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