.thank you september

hey beautiful,

here you are, once again at the completion of another month. you have yet again, made it through another segment of your life, you’re another 30 days closer to your destination.

speaking of destinations… how is the ride so far? i’m taking it that you’ve decided to finally sit back and just chill. it’s so much better this way right? it’s so much easier + relaxing when you can just trust the direction that you’re going + face any challenges that arise when + IF they arise. no more what ifs, maybes, should haves or could haves because… it is what it is.

so, this month was pretty true to the energy reading and i mean of course it is… because the divine never lies. remember we had three different messages come up for september:

✨”it is safe to look within….”
✨”…the people in my life are really mirrors of me. this affords me the opportunity to grow + change”
✨”i experience love wherever i go…”

was this not EXACTLY september? i mean… almost the entire run down of how september went. play by play. the shadow work challenge that we did for september allowed us to really dig within + see how beautiful we really are. opening up to people in our live’s allowed us to see how wonderful they are + at the same time, we received so much love for all of that. september was a beautiful month.

meditating was crucial this month + i’m glad you found some extra time to get it in where you could. i appreciate that seriously, you did more meditation than you have been lately + that’s all september asked of you. you grounded yourself when you realized you were floating away which is major progress. i’m sure you can see how far that got you because of where you’re at right now. you relaxed about life this month, that’s what you deserved.

the obstacle was… an obstacle but it wasn’t one that you didn’t get over. you know what you want, you know where you’re going, and you’re doing everything in your power to get there. that’s all you need. keep that in mind + that will never be a problem. but be sure to keep it in mind. don’t get lost in the sauce trynna wing it (that was cute).

so, with all that being said… i wanna thank september,

thank you for for coming through + doing exactly what you said you would do + then a whole lot on top of that. there was so much that was learned over these last 30 days + it is all very much appreciated. you allowed us to gain something in pretty much every aspect of life. there were so many peaceful moments + days. so much happiness + self discovery. you were a month full of bliss + everlasting joy. i’m so grateful.

thank you for the lessons learned. thank you for the connections. thank you for the time well spent. thank you for the early mornings + the late nights. thank you for the late mornings + early nights. thank you for the fun. thank you for the opportunities, thank you for the love. thank you for the healing, thank you for the growth, thank you for the expansion. thank you for the ideas. thank you for the drive. thank you for the motivation every day. thank you for the rain. thank you for the shine. thank you for all the gallons of air i’m sure i breathed. thank you for the knowledge. thank you for the abundance. thank you for the manifestations. thank you for my dream life.

thank you september, i’ll see you again soon my friend.

i love you.

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