.friendly reminder

hey beautiful,

you’re doing so amazing. literally everything you’re doing right now is amazing. look at how far you’ve made it in life. look at all the challenges you’ve completed + the obstacles you overcame. you reading this right now if proof that you can overcome anything because you literally did. you’re the one who has got you to where you are right now. of course, you may have had some help along the way in some shape or form but ultimately, it was you.

nobody can say they carried you through life and that’s a fact. the only person with the ability of honestly saying that is you. you’re the only one who can claim that role. never forget that. never forget how powerful you truly are.

remember these words: you are the one. you are the one who gets to pick + choose where you’re going in life, ya know? you’re the one calling the shots, you’re the one writing the script, + you’re the one playing the part. it’s all you love, don’t forget that.

grab a hold of yourself + really notice what’s going on. now is not the time to start slipping. i’m saying this from the bottom of my heart. we need you right now. we need you more than ever. we need you to focus on this because it’s real. it’s realer than you ever thought it was. wake up. you have to get out of your head + come play this game. the bench is warmer than it ever needed to be.

i’m sure you know all the potential life has since you’ve been watching from a far for so long. at this point you should know all the right moves to make. you just have to trust that you can pull it off. cause you CAN pull it off. you’ve went over it a million times in your head, now let’s do it. atleast try it out.

take some deep breaths and get back in touch.

i love you.

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