.which hearse are you driving?

hey beautiful,

this past week was another one that was full of uncertainty but it was also another week of figuring things out. when we looked back at the messages that came up for this week, it was really spot on. each + every one of them was exactly how it played out. every time this happens (every week) it seems to be a little shocking like… how is this even real. it’s okay, we have to keep at it so we can get accustomed to how tapped in we are.

one of the main things we saw come up again was the need for grounding. there has to be some type of connection with you + this reality all of the time because if you don’t show up here every day, no one else can bring you here. you have to be willing + able to bring yourself to the present moment at all times. it’s a little challenge but… it will definitely be worth it all.

looking back at the message of this past week, it was “the best way to learn how to swim is to jump right in” and you kind of did. good job on that, round of applause, cheers and all those things of that nature. can i give you a tip though? there’s no need to panic after you’ve jumped in + you’re floating. you’re already in there so trust it. all of the scenarios that you’re creating in your head are unneccesary + can lead you to your demise. so, relax… it literally takes 0 effort to float. just trust it and go with it.

the energy of this week was once again community. this is also the energy for the month of october so with this being the first full week in the month, this energy is rather strong. reach out. reach out. reach out. make a phone call. visit a friend. invite a friend over. engage in an actual conversation. get out of your reality + see what someone else has going on. having a solid support system is what you’re going to need for who you’re becoming + where you’re going. life is much better with friends.

the last thing to discuss about last week was the challenge + that was feeling your feelings + not letting them control you. now that was quite the challenge wasn’t it? it wasn’t necessary completed in entirety but you did your best. i feel like the next time this challenge arises you will thrive if you keep it in mind. with that being said, they’ll be a lockscreen for the energy of the week made so you can see it every time you look at your phone.

this week was love. every single part of it. the highs, the lows, the tears + the smiles. it was all what it should’ve been. you got through it + you’re right here, right now. ready for this new week.

so, let’s get into it.

the message

“it’s only a thought + a thought can be changed. i am not limited by any past thinking. i choose my thoughts with care. i constantly have new insights + new ways of looking at my world. i am willing to change + grow.”

the change in your mindset that you’re going through right now… why not turn it up a notch? why not put in some overtime or extra muscle to get it in shape a little quicker. anytime you find yourself thinking negatively or limiting, reassure that thought by saying 10 positive affirmations about whatever you were thinking. atleast 10 for every one thought. you have to nurture that stubborn negativity so you can break out of that cycle. it’s kind of like scrubbing a tough stain. it just needs some extra attention to get to the level of niceness it once was.

“my income is constantly increasing. i begin now, today, to open myself to ever increasing prosperity.”


“i have the perfect living space. i see myself living in a wonderful place. it fulfills all my needs + desires. it’s in a beautiful location + at a price i can afford.

the new space that you’re manifesting is right around the corner. your new life is right there waiting for you to lay eyes on it. you’re on the way to it. even though it has been a little confusing for both your finances + living arrangements lately, it’s about to get reaaaaal clear for you. and fast. you’re so abundant in so many ways. i’m so happy for you. i’m so happy you’re getting everything you’ve been working for. i’m so happy you’ve decided to work so had for all of these things.

the energy

community. once agaaaaaiiiinnnn. community is here. people are here for you + you need to allow them to be. you also need to be here for other people. it is good to get out of your bubble + reach out. see what’s going on outside of what you’re living every day. make time for friends + the people who care about you the most.

the best way to approach this current situation is to not burn yourself out everyday to the point that when it’s finally time for you to do your reaching out, you don’t because you just want to be alone. the gag is, you’ve been alone all the time that you spent by yourself burning out. you have to trust what’s going on + believe that you don’t have to stress over everything that you want to manifest into your life. .

there is a whole entire world going on around you but sometimes you get too wrapped up in your own thing to notice that. everyone on this earth right now is having their own unique experience. don’t you want to know, see + do more than what you’re currently doing? don’t you want friends? don’t you want to experience true joy from other people?

also, please don’t beat yourself up for having your moments where you’re feeling low. they’re necessary. like the storm before the rainbow, sometimes you have to get shaken up to reveal beautiful things. you’re able to appreciate things more if you had to go through something to get it anyways. keep that in mind.

the challenge

you have two options this week. you have to deliver a casket to a funeral home but you have to choose a hearse. in one, there is your old life with your old mindset, habits + beliefs. in the other hearse lies your brand new life that you’ve been creating and all the hard work you’ve been putting in. you can choose to bury your old life + fully step into this new one or you can let all this work go to waste + go back to the way things were. it’s completely up to you.

i’m sure the correct choice is obvious but it is definitely going to come with some more work. the shift is never ending, this is actually a forever job. the world is yours for the taking. you can either be on top of the world or the world can be on top of you. so what’s it going to be?

i’m rooting for you, we’re all rooting for you. you got this. this week is brand new and full of things to explore.

i love you.

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