.buckle up

hey boo,

everything you’re experiencing right now is taking you to greater places. all the pain you’re feeling, all the joy, all the change… everything is created + crafted especially for you. i know, i know it’s all unfamiliar. it’s all strange looking + different but that’s a good thing. that means you’re changing + growing. if you were still doing the familiar routine, living the same life that would mean you were in the same place you were however long ago.

you have got to trust this process + know that life is not sending you on a rat race. you are in control now. you have set your destination + you know where you want to go, you just have to get there. think about when you’re going somewhere new + you enter the address into the gps. do you second guess the gps every time it tells you to go in a new direction? or do you just move forward + know that you’re going to get there because you told it where you want to go?

it’s the same thing with this journey in life that you’re on. you may not have had a concrete destination before so you were getting sent wherever the wind blew you. but now, things are different. now you have an exact location in mind so you can’t be steered wrong. have trust in the universe + have trust in yourself because you’re a team.

+ you picked the right teammate because you’re already winning.

i love you.

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