.let’s hear you roar

hey boo,

this past week was amazing. it was truly groundbreaking + a lot better than the previous two weeks. not knocking those weeks, they were much appreciated + a lot of growth happened but this week was just a little bit more centered + not as foggy as those two were. this week was beautiful, there was a lot of realizations + manifestations that you were able to realize.

remember that all of this is real. every day is real, everything you’re doing is real, the person who you are becoming is real. continue to tap into this power that you now know is there because there is a lot more where that came from. imagine where you will be a year from now if you keep doing what you’re doing right now. the options are limitless now.

let’s reflect on this past week.

one of the messages for last week were “it’s only a thought + a thought can be changed” + catching yourself when you were having limiting thoughts was something that was recommended to do. did that help you any? it should’ve at least a little bit. if you did it often it would’ve help push the memo of believing anything is possible. you would’ve advanced the programming of believing in yourself with the reassurance of those thoughts. don’t stop at this week though, continue to do this until you no longer have to because limiting thoughts are no longer a part of your process.

the energy of this past week was community. this energy has been lingering around for a minute + the more you work on it, the better. at this point, you’re basically creating your own community from scratch. you’re able to handpick each + every person that is going to be in your new life + that is a great thing. maybe the community that you had before you began this new journey was one that was chosen for you or one that you were placed in + that wasn’t necessarily the best community for you. this mean it will take time to build your community but all the time will be worth it in the end.

now for the challenge of last week. the challenge of deciding which version of you was going to be buried. your old self or your new self that you’ve been working on. letting go of all the things that are still attached to your old self that doesn’t resonate with where you’re going was necessary. really making the decision to release all of the old was a great thing that you did this week + i’m glad it was made. now, you can move forward at full speed.

well, that was this past week… let’s get into the new week that is here.

the message

overthinking is doing more harm than good. get out of your head… puhlease. i know, this is something that you’re working on but just a friendly reminder for this week. trust that everything is going as it should, there’s no need to over analyze every situation that you come across. enjoy every moment that you can. you have the right to do that. especially when it comes to these new things + people that are coming into your life. they are good for you.

if you find yourself talking to yourself most of the day, hang up. tell yourself you will call you back at a later time because your line can not be busy all day. you need to have some free time so you can receive messages from + connect with other people. ground yourself throughout this entire week. do some deep breathing, journal, meditate, do all the things that help bring you back to your reality.

the energy

relax. the things you know you need to do don’t have to be something you have to stress over. if you know you have to do something 2 weeks from now, do you really want to worry about it for the entire two weeks? know that it’s going to be good when you get there + do all that you can do in the meantime. this will be a big deal when it comes to projects you’re working on. don’t rush what you’re doing or feel like you have to constantly work + produce things. do what you want to do because you want to do them not because you feel like you have to.

another thing that you should focus on is being yourself. you are safe as you are. just like you shouldn’t force productivity for rewards, you shouldn’t have to force yourself to do anything because of how others portray you. who cares? they are not you + they are not paying your bills, feeding you, or there with you every day. this is your life, do as you please. okay?

the challenge

believe in you. believe in you 1000000% + watch how things start working out more than ever. you have to know that what you’re doing is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing and where you’re going, you will get there. just like last week’s message, reaffirming to yourself that you got this will get you far. give yourself a round of applause + the acknowledgement that you need for all the things that you’re doing + the things that you’ve accomplished.

if you put the right amount of efforts into this challenge it will be easily accomplished. it’s kind of like you’re a fierce lion who forgot you were a lion. it’s okay though, you just need a reminder of who you are so you can get back to roaring in full force.

are you ready for this week? i hope you are. i feel like there will be a lot that will unfold this week so get ready. it’s all for your greater good… remember that. you’re protected + exactly where you should be.

i love you

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