.no more bubble wrap

hey boo,

have you been feeling trapped lately? today is the perfect time to look deeper into what exactly has you feeling like this. you have to start believing you are safe exactly who, where, how, what + why you are. the life that you used to live pleasing others is behind you so it’s time to fully step into the role of you. there is no one who can do you better than you. there’s also no one who can tell you how to live your life because it completely belongs to you.

if there’s something you’ve been dreaming of or wanting to do but you haven’t because of how other people may feel about it or look at you, this is your sign to go for it. no matter if it’s not tradition, it’s something that’s never been done before or whatever the case maybe… you should go for it. you can no longer be afraid to live your dream life because how the masses believe life should be lived. it’s your turn now + if you want to take a different route, you have every right to.

when you go for this thing, you have to make sure you’re going for it with minimum fear. these voices from outside of you may have convinced you that what you have planned may not work, but you have to silence these thoughts + chant words of confidence + reassurance to yourself. it may take some time to gain your full confidence but it’s best to start on your projects and build it as you go instead of waiting to start working when it’s fully built.. cause in that case, you’ll be waiting forever.

you got this. whatever it is that you want to do, know that you can do it. know that this is part of your journey + this is what you were meant to do. start unraveling all those protective + limiting layers that the world has been wrapping you up in. you’ve arrived at your destination, you no longer need the bubble wrap that has been “protecting” you from life.

i love you .

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