.flocks of abundance

hey boo,

everything is working out for your greater good + realizing that is key to get everything you want out of life. the internal battle is coming to an end after years of no rest because you’ve decided on peace. you’ve realized there’s no need to continue a war with yourself because either way you’re the only one getting hurt.

blessings are flocking to you in many different ways and you’re more open to them now. there still may be a small amount of resistance you have because of the many years of training you’ve done but that’s more on the “just in case” side which is much better than the front line. you got this. continue being open to these things and they will continue to flock to you. soon, you’ll be surrounded by more abundance and greatness than you could’ve ever imagined.

this is your destiny. this very moment is your destiny.

i love you

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