.simply amazing

hey boo,

ever since you’ve decided to allow love to be a permanent resident in your life things have started to change for the better. have you noticed that? everything has started to blossom right before your eyes simply because you decided that it was time to. you saw that your garden needed to be tended too + deserved a little more love + now look. look at all the abundance that you’ve cultivated. now try to imagine everything that’s going to flourish as you keep doing what you’re doing.

allowing all of the love to flow into your life has also allowed love to flow out of you into the people around you and this has manifested into beautiful relationships. even if these relationships have not yet reached their full potential, it’s already the start of something new + if you really take some time to examine them, you will be able to find the beauty in them. maybe it’s an unfamiliar beauty because you’ve never seen it before but it’s beauty nonetheless. everything around you is looking better + better with each moment that passes.

the days of not being able to maintain healthy relationships are behind you now because you know so much more + you know that in order to have the things you desire you have to be the one that does everything to obtain them. no one else is going to hand you anything or do all of the hard work for you. in order to see a change, you have to be the change + the rewards of working so hard for these things make them that much better. you have to be one who calls the shots + you realize that now.

you’re healing. everything you’re growing through is a part of your healing process + you can’t stop here now can you? can you even remember how things used to be? better question: can you imagine stopping right here + going back to where you once were? i highly doubt the answer is yes. this entire journey is so worth it. every pain, challenge, tear, smile, stretch… everything. it’s all a contribution to the person you are becoming. and that person is simply amazing.

i love you.

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