.i love me

hey boo,

the years of not appreciating yourself have come to an end. you now know that there’s no way you can love anyone else more than you love yourself. you also know you can’t expect anyone to love you when you’re not sure of your own self love. accepting yourself for exactly who you are is all your soul has been waiting for this entire time and now that it’s receiving it’s ultimate wish, life is so much better.

it’s safe for you to completely be yourself + although this is a new feeling, it’s a pretty great one. you no longer have to hide + protect the person you are out of the fear of being rejected because that fear is leaving the premises as we speak. no one who is truly meant to be a part of your life can reject you or not like you, that’s just not how that works. when you’re 100% true to yourself, it will seem like almost everyone in the world is flocking to you like gnats finding comfort in a streetlight.

you’re radiating love and light + you’re attracting all the good things that are meant for you. all the love that you were meant to receive is here for you now. you deserve the unlimited abundance of love the universe has to offer + now that you know that, you can start collecting everything that is rightfully yours. observe that shift that happens in your world around you now that is has the company of everlasting love.

prepare yourself because it’s going to be quite remarkable.

i love you.

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