.abundance + harmony

hey boo,

take some time today to breathe. get back to the centering point so you’re able to be the most present version of yourself. you are becoming more grounded in your every day life as you continue to strengthen this new found muscle. keep practicing and doing the best you can to escape the fun prison that is your head. when you find yourself being lifted away from reality, put your foot down +pull yourself back in. you have the ability to do so, you just have to really want to discover it. you can make any + everything happen if you simply choose to.

finding the balance between your mind, body, + soul is one of the keys to living life to its full potential. mediation, journaling, and deep breathing is going to help you get there. keep up the work that you’ve been doing, it will all pay off simply because it has no choice. you have to think, you’re the only person you know who’s doing what you’re doing so it’s going to take some time to pull it off. You don’t have any guidance or role model in what you’re doing so know you’re doing your best + that’s more than enough.

another thing I want to tell you is to keep recognizing all of the abundance you really have in your life. as you travel on this journey, it will continue to build up + overflow. pretty soon, you’ll be swimming in it. imagine that, a pool of abundance right in your backyard. no lifeguard, you’re an excellent swimmer + the weather is always perfect. that’s your life in just a few moments, you just have to believe it . you’re almost there.

i love you

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