.november 2021: a reading

hey boo,

it’s about that time. we’ve come to the conclusion of another 31 days and november has finally arrived to us for this year. before we dive into this new month so quickly, let’s take a look at october.

how do you feel october treated you? hopefully the answer is very well because it did it’s best. it came through + kept every word that it told us in the beginning. it came with major respect and manners. october was definitely a month of huge change + prosperity and sitting here at the end of it, you can see that now. you’re shifting your entire world one moment at a time + please keep it up because the show must go on.

these past few weeks we learned about accepting change, partnerships + as always… trusting the process. everything that you wanted to work out + you allowed it to work out did just that… it worked out exactly as it always has. continue building this trust in the universe so the bond is immaculate. there is plenty more abundance out there, october was just a taste.

the message

“i trust my inner wisdom. as i go about my daily affairs, i listen to my own guidance. my intuition is always on my side. i trust it to be there at all times. i am safe.”
“divine wisdom guides me. i am guided throughout this day in making the right choices. divine intelligence continuously guides me in the realization of my goals. i am safe.”

with both of these cards coming out after one another this is kind of an exclamation mark. we really need to pay attention to our intuition + believe that we know where we are going. we already know + have everything that we need to lead us to that great destination. once you tell the universe where you want to go… you have to trust that the directions it gives you will lead you there. if you need to strengthen your intuition this month… by all means, please do that.

“my healing is already in process. my willingness to forgive begins my healing process. i allow the love form my own heart to wash through me, cleansing + healing every part of my body. i know that i am worth healing”

this healing journey is one that will continue to go on forever. you will continue to evolve every day you go through life + that is a beautiful thing. in order to heal my baby, you have to feel pain + this month… there will be a little extra healing involved. so any pain you feel this month, know that you are in the process of healing… that’s all this is. you’re shedding this layer of old and growing the necessary cells needed to protect your new self. continue shedding + growing, it will all be worth it.

“i now go beyond other people’s fears + limitations. it is my mind that creates my experiences. i am unlimited in my own ability to create the good in my life.”

you are the only co-creator of your life. there is no one else on this face of the earth who should be given the power to limit you or crush your dreams. all the ideas + beliefs that you have are yours + you should stand beside them until you can’t stand anymore… + even then… you have to sit beside them. you are changing the game because you decided too + people who have been playing the game the old way may not necessarily see why you want to change the rules because it’s been going okay. + if they see it this way, they definitely won’t agree with what you got going on. but know that that is not your problem + when you figure it all out + everything falls into place they might even want to know how you did it.

the energy

november is bringing abundance. we are in a rebirth stage. the old version of you is no longer existing my baby. you’re giving birth to this new life + that is a beautiful thing. know that with a birth, you have to go through growth, pains, being uncomfortable, LABOR + some more stuff. it isn’t going to just be delivered to your door… you have to go through somethings before you get what you’ve been working on. in order to have this thing, you have to have a little shake up. so things are going to have to get a little ugly. you can’t have ugly without beauty anyways. you’ve been preparing yourself for this new baby + the time is now. the contractions are getting intense but at the end of this it will all be so worth it.

keep putting yourself out there. keep stepping into your purpose + filling your life with your passion + a whole lot of love. all the love that you’ve been cultivating is going to allow your entire life to take off. this way that you’re doing things is the perfect way for you. november is coming through with a lot of beauty + also some challenges so let’s talk about it.

the challenges

continue to put yourself out there + release the people who are not meant to go where you’re going. it’s time for a weight check + it’s looking like you’re overcapacity. they can not come with you love, you can not save people who do not want to be saved. you’re going to have to look at these situations from a different perspective because you’re going to a place with a new view. upgrade your vision so you can really see how these situations are really playing themselves out. + once you move… everyone can not get an invite to the house warming party… or any party after that until they meet the new energy requirements. no worries… you will both have a great time on your own.

do not give any whiff of breath to old situations, habits or people. if you are going to bury this old version of life, you have to leave it there. we don’t want to see you at 2 o clock in the morning digging up a grave because you miss something or need something familiar for some comfort. it’s okay. you’ve outgrown these things. when you release them, release them with love. you don’t have to hate them or send them any negativity because you have to part ways. you can both still thrive.

the word


a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

this is a transformation. your whole world is about to have a huge change in form + appearance.

thank you in advance november. we are here waiting for you with open arms. make yourself at home.

let’s make best friends with this month love. november has a lot more in store for us than the sneak peek that it just gave us.

i love you.

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