.strong roots

hey beautiful,

this first week of november came in pretty strong. we didn’t necessarily do a reading for the week that just passed but the reading for november came through full effect for these first few days of the month. every single thing that november told us it would bring was brought and it was brought on time. so it’s apparent november isn’t playing games.

remember the pain that this month will bring is necessary to move us along our healing journey because we can not have one without the other. in order for us to fully heal, we have to feel all the pain that we are experiencing. you are in control of your life, you have been creating everything you’ve been experiencing up until this point.

the message of the week

“i listen with love to my body’s messages. my body is always working towards optimum health. my body wants to be whole + healthy. i cooperate + become health, whole + complete”

listen to your body. pay attention the cycles that it goes through. any aches, pains, or signs of abnormality should be paid some special attention this week. the weather is going through a big change right now so prepare yourself for what’s going on in the outside world. if you’ve never really paid attention to the patterns that your body goes through every month, now would be a good time to start. take notes of how your body reacts to certain things and how it feels

“i open new doors to life. i rejoice in what i have and i know that fresh, new experiences are always ahead. i greet the new with open arms. i trust life to be wonderful.”

since we are leaving our old life behind us, we have to open a new door. there’s no way to know what is behind this door but we have to believe that it is good. you have to trust that you are safe, you’re okay + you’re walking down the path that was made for you. there is no wrong that could come your way + i need you to know that + believe that with your whole heart. after all life is what you make it, so let’s make it rock.

the energy of the week

putting your mind towards everything you have been working on will be very beneficial this week. continue to rewire your brain from all the things that you’ve been learning your entire life. you’re almost there. can you believe that you’re where you are? if you really take a look back at all the things you’ve been through + made it through, this is exactly where you should be.

i need you do everything you’re capable of doing to get to where you’re going. like, if you can run… why are you crawling? you know the life you desire and you are the only one who can get you there. nobody is coming to save you babes. nobody. you have to be the brain, the muscle and everything else that you need to make it there. you are the one + you have all of the tools that you need to get to where you’re going so use them. you don’t need anything outside of you, remember that.

keep up everything that you’re doing. the same messages have been coming up all week so i need you to really pay attention so you can pass this test and move on to the next level.

alsooooooo, remember the message of letting someone go + how that keeps coming up? it’s not the person you think it is. that’s why you haven’t been able to let them go. look a little deeper. imma just give you a heads up… this is someone who is super important to you + you want them to be a part of your life so bad but you can’t make a horse drink no matter how much distilled water you put in front of them. if they are meant to come around, they will come around. it’s time to clean house. if you’re letting them wreak havoc in your world with no regards to your rules + requirements since the beginning, they are not going to change their behavior. you have to kick them out.

the challenge

stop resisting. the change that you’re going through is meant for you to go through. it’s not going to be an easy process for you to stop resisting but it’s definitely not impossible. rewiring your brain is going to be very important this week so keep up the work you’ve been doing. it’s been years of you learning the one way of life but as long as you continue to learn this new way you will soon master it.

the roots of your family tree may be starting to rot or decay a little bit, and this may not be the first time your realize this but it’s okay. you can not save this tree by yourself especially since this tree has been growing way before your time even came. don’t crush yourself trying to catch this tree. it is not your responsibility to fix things that you did not break. you know what i’m saying? once something is above you, it’s above you. you will find who is meant for you + who is not. okay?

this week will be a full one but it will be a good one.

i love you.

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