.every day is vacation

hey beautiful,

so let’s address the heffalump in the room… it’s been a while since i wrote you. my apologies, i have been lowkey incognito on the blog trying to figure out every other aspect of myReflexxion + so far, it’s been going pretty good. everything is falling into place as it should. with that being said, we are back here + even better. everything is changing as we grow + that’s a beautiful thing. i’m so glad we’re evolving.

speaking of evolving… i channeled some messages regarding this week that’s coming up + i would love to talk about it with you.
let’s start with the normal:

the messages of the week

“i trust the process of life. there is a rhythm + flow to life + i am a part of it. life supports me + brings to me only good + positive experiences. i trust the process of life to bring me to my highest good.”

the past few weeks we’ve seen such a huge change in our reality. literally our whole life is changing + we’re seeing how magical we are. as we continue to trust everything that the universe is putting together for us we will continue to grow. we will make all the progress necessary in our life to get all that we have been asking for. but we must remember to take our time. we must be patient with the process + not try to rush things to come into fruition. we don’t want a rushed result so we have to find patience so we’re able to put our all into this project we’re working on. rome was not built in a day.

we have to let this thing run it’s course completely before trying to move forward because if we keep trying to move before things are ready we’re only setting ourselves back more + more. we might as well wait until we’re at 100% battery life before we go out for a day of fun so we can enjoy it to the max. relax, everything is on the way my baby.

“divine wisdom guides me. i am guided throughout this day in making the right choices. divine intelligence continuously guides me in the realization of my goals. i am safe.”

it’s time that we stop playing hide + seek with the world but most importantly with ourselves. it’s okay to be who we are in the world. we can show up as ourselves authentically + not have any worries about anything. we were born to be us and with that came a built in gps to help navigate through life. so trust your intuition, trust in yourself + let yourself be. we are always being led in the direction that we are meant to go. we are the north star, so believe in that and tune in. we chose this lifestyle + it chose us right back, we’re literally the perfect match.

this is everything you’ve ever wanted. can’t you see that?

the energy of the week

relaxxxxxx. take your time with where you’re going. you don’t have to rush anything that is going on. this is really just a reiteration of the first message of the week so, we really need to pay attention here. ease off your own back. you’ve been breathing down it trying to make sure you get things done all the time. you are doing just fine. you are doing more than enough actually. you’ve been accomplishing so many things, growing so much + learning every single day. you are more than good. can’t you see that? it’s time to give yourself a break… you deserve it.

we can have fun in this life. we’re supposed to. what’s the point of working ourselves so hard if we never get to enjoy everything we’ve been working on?

another thing that this week is bringing is the energy of quietness. it can be so quiet in the world but so loud in our head + we need to continue to work on this. let’s work on grounding ourselves this week because we’re going to need it for the things that are coming up in this life. let’s find some time to meditate every day this week to make sure we are grounded throughout these days. getting out of our head + not talking to ourselves so much is going to get us far. the time to really get this off of your plate is now, so let’s geterdone. some times we need to float with life and see where it carries us. we’ve been swimming for a good minute now, it’s time to chill out for a lil bit.

the focus of the week

focus on existing. yes, we got the same message in three different ways. so you know this is screaming at us to get to where we need to go. we have to enjoy where we are right now. yes, we’re prepping hard for our future and we’re healing from our past but what about today? what about being present? what about who we are right now? who you are right now is way more important than who we were + who we are becoming combined. yes, it’s good to look back + it’s even good to look forward but i need you to appreciate where you are right now. you are enough. you are enough. you are enough.

every day for the next few weeks take some time to reflect on everything that you’ve been doing. every dream, every breakthrough you had + every accomplishment. it will allow you to see your growth and ground you even more.

this week is going to be great if we choose to enjoy it to the fullest. everything is coming into fruition okay? trust it. this right here is your dream life.

i love you.

i made a lockscreen for iPhones so you can be reminded of the messages for this week. if you want me to make one for android… just let me know + i’ll be happy to do so.

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