.a letter from december

hey beautiful,

it’s actually december.

it’s actually december.



we just finished another 30 days (shoutout november for coming through) and we’re here in december now. i feel like this is the month i’ve been waiting for all my life. you know how we’ve been getting to the birth of our new life? we’re finally here. it’s finally time to deliver this beautiful baby + i’m exciteddddddd.

you’re about to give a whole birth to an entire new life… YOUR entire new life. that is simply amazing.

this is the healthiest, most beautiful, happiest life you’ve ever had in all your days + i’m so happy for you. i’m glad you’ve decided to be who you are no matter what anybody else’s thinks or what you think anybody else is thinking. you know your worth now + you’re not accepting anything less than what you deserve. you’ve set your boundaries, laid out your expectations + requirements + you’re not letting anyone or anything slip in your life if they can’t pay the fee. you’ve raised your prices + you’re not worried about not being affordable for others. i love that for you.

you can clearly see what you want out of life + i applaud you for that. it’s okay to have standards in your life. you know you’re the gift, you’re that girl, you’re the one who get’s to call the shots + you’ve started calling them. round of applause for you.

this month i want you to continue to do what you’ve been doing. continue building, growing + being yourself. keep allowing yourself to get more comfortable with you being you. show up as your true 100% self every single day. you’re going to have plenty opportunities to be you, speak your mind + go for the things you want + you should take it all in. have fun this month. take ALLLLLL the opportunities that come your way. + i do mean ALL of them. connect with all the people you can, have all the laughs, speak your mind, do everything you would do if you wanted to. i mean that with my entire heart.

you are safe to be you. you are safe to create. you are safe to connect. you are safe to love.

come outside to play this month. there’s nothing that can harm you here.

another thing you should focus on this month is clarity on your emotions. i know you’ve been working on this part of you recently so this is just a reminder to continue that work. continue doing everything that you are doing because you are doing it well. all of the seeds that you have been planting are blossoming and the fruits are almost ripe. just keep tending to this bountiful garden you created that is your life + enjoy the fruits of your labor. i’m glad you’re here right now + i’m glad you decided that you were going to have everything you do.

i did ask the question “what’s missing” and the answer that came up was “acknowledgement of your power”. please be sure to apply everything that you’ve been learning in your life. you’ve gained so much wisdom + had so many realizations, now it’s time to put the knowledge to use. you know you have the powers that you do + you should be using them every chance you get. be super. that’s the last thing you have to do to receive everything you’ve been working for. ❤

this month will be a beautiful month. you will have so many opportunities + blessings coming your way. this is the birth of your brand new life. everything is changing around you. this is everything you’ve been asking for.

i love you

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