.be like elsa + let it go

hey, beautiful.

please continue to forgive yourself and let go of the past. continue to leave all of that behind. all of the trauma, negativity, pain, sadness, anything that major passed, not enjoyable. you have to let it go.

because when I say BAG LADY… + i was saying this for some time, but we really need to listen to the messages that i be talking about because this is real. but you being a bag lady is holding you back so much like, you keep revisiting the past in your head. like thinking of all the ways you’ve been hurt or all the ways you could have did something different or all the things you wish would have been or could have been like, let that go. you’re here right now.

so be here. be present. let it go. it’s not just as easy as “okay, bye” but you have to forgive yourself and know that you did the best that you could do.

okay? you know i gotta bring the cards out…

“we are all doing the best we can with the understanding, knowledge + awareness we have.”

anything that you feel like was a mistake…it wasn’t. that was the best you could do. that was the best you could offer yourself + other people too. other people around you who you feel like lacked or you feel like, did you wrong or didn’t do something the right way?

they did the best that they could do. they did what they knew to do, okay. + you really have to focus on forgiving yourself for that. because once you forgive yourself, you can remove yourself from that space of, “oh, i’m sad. oh, i’m so hurt from my past.” like you’re going to be hurt forever if you never let it go.

so let’s work on letting it go now. let’s work on allowing yourself to be free. let’s work on healing. let’s work on growing anymore. let’s do that.

i still want to continue to say like “i see you. i see everything you’re doing. i feel you. i feel your energy bubbling and growing.”

i see your rays shining from you. so just keep at it. keep doing everything that you can. you’re unlocking so many things. you’re in a whole new life. you’re doing so much.

you’re a whole new person. + don’t that feel good to know that you’ve grown to become this person you are today? it feels good for me. so trust that. okay? let it go.

it’s nobody’s fault.

trust me, my baby. it’s okay. it’s okay to be who you are.

shining like a star. okay? don’t make me start dropping bars.

continue to heal. continue to let go. continue to grow. continue to say your affirmations, continue to change your mindset, continue to love and be free. all right? that’s all I got for you tonight. i love you so much.

i love you.

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