.closing the curtains

hey beautiful,

so… it is almost january the first + i just listened to the 2021 prediction again. i kind of just took some notes.
i just wanted to reflect on this year. really look at your growth. really admire how far you’ve came, really see all the things you’ve accomplished.

i was writing out all my major accomplishments this year + recently i’ve started writing out all my daily accomplishments. it just helps to see how far you’ve truly came, how much you truly do. so you can genuinely see how much you do + not give yourself the short end of the stick when it comes time to recognize who you are.

that’s one of the messages we’ve been receiving… “acknowledge everything you do” + that’s been a great way for me to do that. literally everything i did that day, i wrote it down. i went back + i acknowledged myself for those things.

2021 is coming to an end + it’s been quite the year. i feel like there’s been so much growth. so many developments + achievements… just a whole lot. one of the first things i had talked about 2021 bringing was emotions. getting a better understanding of your emotions + with that understanding came a very difficult journey, a very unknown journey. there was a comparison of going down a tunnel but there being jewels at the end of the tunnel. the whole tunnel ride is unknown, a little dark, not looking too familiar or promising but at the end there’s this beautiful product.

i feel like that happened exactly. i feel like we were able to feel how we feel, understand that + be unapologetic about it. that was a great lesson that was learned… being aware of who you are + being unapologetic about it. moving with intentions, using your emotions to help you navigate + make your decisions.

2021 was the year of moving forward. the year of becoming the creator of your own reality, understanding your powers + being present. getting out of your head + putting all of your powers to use was a huge thing that happened this year. you had to realize that you are always on time wherever you were in life + that allowed you to blossom into the person that you are right now. there was so much work that was completed + sometimes there was some overworking done but that has set you up for the year that you’re are stepping into.

2021 was the one + 2022 we are brand new.

give yourself a large round of applause for all of your hard work, dedication, drive and motivation. all the lessons you learned, the things you opened yourself up to, all the techniques you applied, all the strategies you built up, the people you met, the promises you delivered, the people you met, your health, the food you ate, the places you went. all of your daily accomplishments + visions that you brought to life. all of these things, you did. you prepared yourself for all of the greater things that are coming your way.

you did that. the entire year, you never gave up on yourself. you kept going, you kept working on yourself. your personal development that you experienced this year is actually crazy. it’s such a beautiful thing.

the doors are opening up for next year. are you ready?

i love you

@themindfriend on ig

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