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hey beautiful,

so today is a new moon + i don’t know, i’m kind of feeling like… i expected the beginning of this year to just be so refreshing + motivating + energizing + it’s just was not. like it did not bring that energy but i guess it did bring the energy that was needed cause when you come to think about it, like all year, all 2021, it was hustle + grind + create + produce. + even in the reading for this year 2022 on the last episode, this is the year of rest. so i kind of get it now. i kind of still wish there was a lot more energy. but it just doesn’t need to be i guess. this is just something that we’re going to have to get used to going into this new year; not being on go so much, not constantly creating + producing + cranking things out + just chilling + vibing + calling things to us instead of just constantly running towards something. because we need that. like we need to be where we are and be able to relax + just exist + i feel like this is honestly the best way to start off the year.

i remember seeing something
that said “what you’re doing the first day of the new year is what you will be doing throughout it” + at first i was thinking “dang, i’m sluggish low key like i don’t really feel too hot, i don’t really want to do much” but that’s exactly what i’m going to be doing all year. chilling, relaxing, enjoying life, creating, existing + being free. being myself. so i appreciate that when i actually take the time to look at the picture a little different. i see, okay cool, this is what it is + this is what it ain’t + i’m just excited for this year + today is the new moon. i believe it’s in Capricorn… let me check. yeah the new moon is in Capricorn and i’ve been seeing stuff.

i didn’t do a reading on the new moon cause i feel like i should have did it a couple days ago if i was going to do it but i was looking at other people’s readings that they were doing + basically i kept seeing setting your intentions + focusing your energies towards what you want. this is going to be an intense energy + it is bringing new beginnings + blessings + something is in retrograde. okay i’m looking at something now + i know for the reading for the year, it was saying focus on your intentions. + it says “focus on your intentions. what do you want to feel? feel this feeling + decide what in your life needs to shift to support this feeling.”

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so, set your intentions today if you don’t do nothing else. set your intentions for the year. write out the things that you want to bring into this year, into this month, into this week, into your days. set your intentions every day you wake up. before you do anything, when you’re going into something, when you’re talking to the people around you, when you’re looking for something, when you’re trying something new + you’re creating, have your intentions set on what is the end goal. make sure that you’re not just doing stuff for nothing + just floating aimlessly throughout this life. set your intentions so you can know what you need to do and where you need to go to get there. i feel like you really need to ask for things you want like close mouths don’t get fed. that’s just been a message on my mind today like ask for what you want…being afraid of rejection.

+ that’s actually a chapter that i read today in “Conquering Fear” by Harold S Kushner. it was the fear of rejection, like you can’t allow the fear of being turned down,of being a let go, of being denied stop you from trying for the things you want. especially when you look at it as not rejection but guidance into a new direction. just because you didn’t get that job or that person didn’t want to be with you anymore or you didn’t make the team or this brand don’t want to work with you, that’s okay. it wasn’t for you at that moment. something may work out later along the line or it might be the push that you needed to go in a new direction. so sometimes when you try out for things + it doesn’t work it has nothing to do with you personally or your lack of, or your nonabilities but it’s actually good for you.

that just goes back to knowing that you’re safe, you’re always in the right place. everything is always working out for you. everything is going towards your highest good. yaknowaimsaying? so i just need you to know that. having that fear of rejection my baby, you need to let it go + that’s another thing that we were saying about being yourself. stepping out as yourself, presenting yourself to world, allowing the world to see you because you cannot be rejected by people who are meant for you. if something is meant for you, my baby, it’s meant for you but you will never know unless you go for it, unless you put yourself out there, unless you try out + fill out that paper, unless you go to the place you will never know what life has in store for you. you will never know my baby so i’m trying to tell you how to do these things.

i just had to tell you that you need to go for everything that you want this year. like this is your year. if you want something my baby, you have to go get it. it is sitting right there for you + it might not be in the first place you look it might not be in a 2nd, the 7th, the 12th but it might be in the 13th. just keep looking for the thing that you want to find in your life + eventually you will find it. if you never go looking, if you never sign up for the scavenger hunt, if you never go to the place where this thing is. if you stay stuck in the place where you are where you know there’s no possible reason for this thing that you want to be there, if you’ve never seen it before where you are, you have to go somewhere different. you have to push yourself out there you have to try to reach this new place. yaknowaimsaying? you have to map it out, you have to figure out the travels + you have to see yourself doing it + then actually go do it.

set your intentions for every single thing that you want this year to bring to you. everything that you want to step into + evolve into. i promise you my baby you gone have it cause you got to know that everything that you wanted last year, you got it + if you don’t have it physically, right now in this moment my baby it’s still right there. you just have not reached it yet. it’s still on this journey that you’re working towards + that you’re walking down, it’s still on your path somewhere but you just cannot see it until you get to it. so keep going after your dreams. keep deciding what you want, how you’re going to live + how you’re going to want your world you know what I’m saying? decide how you want to feel + then and then go for it. go feel it. go experience it.

if you want some sushi you’re not going to say “let me go to burger king” you know you want sushi so why not go to the sushi spot or publix? you’re not going to find sushi if you’re looking at Burger King. we have to actively make these decisions + actively know where we want to go + go in that direction my baby. yaknowaimsaying? you know you want to go home why would you go to another bar? you’re not going to find your bed there. you’re not going to find your makeup wipes there. you’re not going to find your soothing lullabies that lull you to sleep every night. you’re not going to find your partner there, your child, you’re not going to find your kitchen, your burrito that you had for lunch earlier that you were saving for when you got home you’re not going to find it in this place so you need to go to where you are likely to find these things you desire my baby okay? make sure you are aligning yourself with the places that you want to go to. you don’t need to sign up for field trips that you don’t want to go to just because it’s cool + everybody else is hanging out there…no. you know there’s nothing for you there so don’t go. don’t do it. okay? put yourself first. do what you want to do for you. relax.

oh, another message my baby: a clean house is cool but a clean house 24/7 is CRAZY. that’s actually crazy. you is doing too much. yaknowaimsaying? you either don’t have kids, don’t make a lot of mess, don’t cook… you know barely be home. but if you are a regular degular person, mom, creative… relax.

i love you.

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