.ras up

grand RAsing beautiful,

today is a day of abundance. life has been opening up to you because you have chosen to trust it today it will continue to do so. carry an attitude of appreciation + wealth with you today + watch how beautifully it unfolds.

you deserve everything coming your way. you’ve been working so hard to create the life of your dreams + it’s all coming together. all the things you’ve been putting in, you’re getting back ten fold. today is a gift made especially for you.

continue all the hard work. continue to love + trust life. continue being you.

i love you.

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.jump right in

hey beautiful,

you made it through another week, another 7 days, another 168 hours + although it was a little much in the end you reached peace. the peace that you’ve been looking for, you finally found it. you just had to get through the noise in your head that was having too much fun being loud + wrong. i love that for you.

have you realized that this is literally your dream life? this very moment right here, every single moment that you are living right now is your dream life. look at it, if you haven’t notice this, look at what you’ve been doing. look at all the things in your life that’s happened recently + really analyze it. it all has some role in the movie that you’re starring in. this is what you’ve been asking for, this is the script you’ve been working so hard on.

i just wanna give you a shoutout because you KEEP having breakthroughs and leveling up. you are the truest version of yourself that you’ve ever been. round of applause

i love that for you too.

also, i’m super happy that you’re continuously working on trusting the process. with each day, you lean in a bit more + give away a piece of control. keep that up, keep making progress, keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing amazing. there’s no other pace that you have to go at but your own, this life is a life of comfort.

you’re really here right now, living your dream life….

go ahead… you can smile, you can get up + dance, you can even scream with joy. let it OUT! let that happiness out, the universe loves knowing that it’s making you happy. keep giving + keep getting. it’s literally like the 3….2….1…. blast off type of situation. we’ve taken off in a rocket speeding into space and we’re about to explore the entire galaxy.

trust me, we’re farrrrrr away from houston. so, no worries there.

okay sooo… i hope you’re buckled up buckaroo cause this week is about to be a ride. hold on to your hat.

the message

“the best way to learn how to swim, is to jump right in”.

you’ve tested the waters, you know it’s the perfect temperature + you’re going to be safe in there so get in. it’s been fun putting your feet in + trying to not get your hair wet or whatever, but let’s do something different. what are you afraid of? having fun? do you hear how ridiculous that is?

it’s time for the final call on the things that can’t go with you to your new life. the box of things labeled “maybe” is the last thing you need to get through before you’re clear to move. word of advice: if you’ve been contemplating this long… it’s probably something that’s not good for you but you enjoy it. things like that aren’t welcome in the new land, they’re actually banned. so, i’d go ahead + get rid of it if i were you.

the energy

focus on your community. seriously, when you rememerge from your shell that you’re in right now COME ON OUT. come outsideeeeee. don’t be shy or afraid of anything that is here for you in this world because remember, everything that is on the way to you is for your greater good. everything that is coming is helping you grow. it’s all happening for you, not to you.

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but back to the community…

reach out to your people. you need to connect with the people around you. this is one of the things that you have to decide to throw away because it’s hindering you. and although, you’re safe in your head because other people can’t reject you, that fear has to go. you can’t hold onto that fear anymore. it isn’t serving you, it’s holding you back + i promise you, the greatest things in your life is on the flip side of this.

the challenge

face yourself. face your fears, figure them out + assign them new roles. you are the ceo of all this stuff going on inside of you. for sure, sometimes you can’t help what you feel about some things but you can definitely control how these feelings affect you. when you face yourself, you’ll be looking from a different view so you’ll be able to see things you’ve never seen before. you may even look like somebody off the street, but keep looking, it’ll start looking real familiar.

when you look within yourself and see things in a different light, it will automatically be reflected in your outer sight. meaning, your reality will also continue to be redecorated. note: when you’re getting new furniture and moving things around,have some type of visual in mind. even if that’s the combination of four different house styles, 7 different colors + a different era in every room. you can do that, you can do anything what you want but you need a plan. not a plan in your head, not some idea that’s having fun sitting at imagination station, but a plan that you write/draw out, a plan that you revisit every day, a plan that you work on all. thee. time. if someone who didn’t live inside your head all day came and read this plan of yours they should be able to see it exactly how you imagine.

trust me, this works, try it out.

the word

large in quantity; abundant.

that’s what this week will be(period)

well, that’s all i got. i’m 100% sure, that’s not all you have in store but no need to ruin the surprise, we’re going to be right there when it unfolds + that’s the fun part.

i love you

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.shake a leg

hey beautiful,

the jig is up. no more charades, mediocre magic tricks, or cliffhangers. no more pretending you are someone you’re not. you can no longer try to function this way + i’m glad you realize that now. it’s time to take your talents that have created your current reality + give them a new task. the task of…

✨creating your dream life✨

lowkey, they already started working on it on the side but, with it being the main focus, there is so much more that can get done. when you’re able to give something your undivided attention, the execution is bound to be pristine. minimize the multitasking + things will get done more efficiently. i need you to realize how big of a mural you’re painting. yes, you’re working on a small portion of it right now but you have to zoom out occasionally so you can remember what the bigger picture looks like.

remember, it’s more than okay to rest. you’re going to have to be well rested to produce the life of quality that you are producing. chilling is not a crime, taking time to yourself does not make you lazy + you can sleep in sometimes. don’t beat yourself up for taking care of you and making sure you’re okay. if you ever feel like you need a “break” from life, you definitely need to rest. a break implies that something has to be broken and life is full of moments that should be enjoyed + cherished.

create the reality you never need a break from.

they literally fooled a lot of us. i’m thinking of all the negative sayings that we used to casually say about our lives. we should never want to escape from reality because reality should be bliss. you should be able to be in any given moment + want to be nowhere else in the world than exactly where you are. every second of every day should be a blast of fun and love.

this is your dream life. right here, right now. each + every moment of your life is leading you in the direction of where you want to go. you’re the magician + it’s time to learn how to really put on a show. you might wanna learn fast because it already started and you’re the only act there is.

shake a leg.

i love you

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hey beautiful.

in order to reach your highest potential you have to stop fighting yourself. there’s an internal battle going on that you need to bring to an end. you can try to ignore it as much as you want but you know the pain is there, you know there’s so much going on that you’re simply pretending isn’t. you can not turn your head when a problem shows it’s face and think it’s gonna go away. it’s still there, probably causing more damage + chaos than if you would’ve just faced it when you first saw it.

you’ve been allowing these challenges to wreak havoc in your establishment + you clean up after them every night while they sleep peacefully just to wake up the next day to do it all over again. it’s time for that to stop… forreal. i know you’re exhausted so let’s set some rules in place. let’s figure out our boundaries + expectations for ourselves, call a meeting + have a discussion. there has to be some kind of order in place.

Me having a meeting with myself to get my life together

it’s been the most peaceful yet destructive war in herstory and it is time to bring it to an end. no more fighting, let’s make amends and be best friends. we have to be in harmony with ourselves in order to have peace of mind + live life to the fullest potential.

i love you

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.growing pains

hey beautiful,

the pain that some of these days bring is an effect of growth. you’re growing beyond who you used to be so it’s getting uncomfortable. the lifestyle you got so accustomed to doesn’t fit you anymore soooo it’s time to get a new wardrobe. it’s’ time to make a wish list of all the new things you want in life. and then go get them.

if you’ve been feeling like life has been looking ugly it’s only because you’re evolving into something so beautiful. some of the days on this journey will definitely be more challenging than others but that’s just part of the process. those days when you aren’t sure of what’s going on or where you’re going are necessary to push you a little further.

it’s time to goooooo

i’m talking about coming out of this with bagssss of brand new stuff. new this, thrifted that, gift someone this, get yourself that. only the things that really matter will look familiar to you. you’re moving onto the next stage + there’s plenty of room for you there. it’s time to upgrade. it’s time to move!!

you deserve it… you deserve to have everything you want out of life. you’re moving onto the next stage + there’s plenty of room for you there.

it’s time to upgrade… it’s time to move.

i love you

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.rushing to your head

hey beautiful,

i need you to ground yourself okay? the past few day’s were spent somewhere in the clouds but that’s okay.. as a wise soul once told me “life would be boring if there were no bad days”. they’re absolutely right… if you didn’t have any challenges, anything to learn or anything to gain this experience would be seasonless… very much bland.

i’m sending you love because you got through that. you got through the lows + you’re that much closer to experiencing the highs. the only way you can go is up.

focus on your breathing as much as you can. when you find yourself in the coziness of your little dream world remember that you can have that in real life. it’s like you’re always going to go visit a friend that never comes to visit you. kind of like you’re so in love with their place that you escape from yours whenever you can.

you have to make your reality cozy so you can enjoy yourself exactly where you are. you gotta start staying home, life gets exhausting when you start moving too much. but i understand… you have to like your home to want to be home. so when are you gonna start liking your home? when are you going to make the decision to change the things around you? time isn’t going anywhere buuuuuutt… it is ticking.

make a move love.

i love you

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.a certified farmer

hey beautiful,

thank you for making it this far. this week alone was a marathon, a noice marathon, but a marathon nonetheless. you gave it your best + those efforts got you here today. this is the fastest you’ve completed a marathon ever so shout out to you for that… seriously, you deserve a trophy.

let’s do some reflecting on this week, shall we?

last week, you learned that you needed to start believing in yourself as much as you can. everything that you’ve been working on is not for no reason + you wouldn’t even be doing it if you didn’t believe in it. each path you’ve chosen to take in your life was the best choice you ever could’ve made + once your realize + carry that with you each day things start clearing up. you become more present in every moment + you realize you are the main character + you are in complete control.

all of the things you have believed up to this point were true… but that’s because you believed them to be. you made it real the second you didn’t think there was another option. i’m so glad you now realize your options are limitless. you don’t have to go with what you were taught or conform to who the world want’s you to be because you know who you are. you know there’s no limits to this + you’re the only one who has to believe in you for you to prosper.

if you don’t believe in yourself… no one else will either.

you’re in this now aren’t you? you’re in this game for the long run + it’s thrilling. no matter what this game has in store for you… you’ve decided to go for it. you’ve decided to love your life + accept nothing less. you’ve broken through that stage of your life + it’s time for you to level up.

let’s get a sneak peek of what this week has in store for us.

the message of the week

“there is plenty for everyone, including me. the ocean of life is lavish with it’s abundance. all of my needs + desires are met before i even ask. my good comes from everywhere + everyone + everything.”


“as i say yes to life, life says yes to me. life mirrors my every thought. as i keep my thoughts positive life brings me only good experiences”

both of these messages are piggybacking on the message from last week which was letting go of all of our limiting self beliefs. you’re continuing to break those beliefs + you’re getting close + closer to releasing them for good. since you’ve been thinking more positively look at all the things that have been changing around you, how many things have been working out for you, how happy have you been? a lot.

when you find yourself thinking a negative/discouraging thought grab a hold of it + tell it amazing things. nurture that wound inside of you that doubts what you’re deserving and worthy of. fill yourself with positive affirmations and kind words so you can continue to rewrite your life.

focus on all things positive this week because this is the final stretch before this crop is ready for harvesting.

the energy of the week

this week will be a very successful one and i’ll tell you how to tap into that. give yourself all of the credit you deserve. if you have to go into your memories, journals, old posts, pictures… do that as a reflexxion of your progress. seeing how far you’ve came will bring you an adrenaline rush + so much fulfillment. every moment, you’re moving closer to something you once didn’t even know existed.

that taste that’s in your mouth, keep it there. keep that hunger for all of your dreams because this dream never ends. you’ve reached this level that you’re on but there is so many more ahead of you so keep that in the back of your mind. keep that pushing you + keep believing that it will all be the best for you.

the obstacle of the week

progression. you’re going to have to make a big move + with that comes a decision. whatever this decision is, you have to think critically on it… but not too critically. make sure you have a good balance with head + heart when it comes to this decision you have to make.

another thing you’re gonna need to reach this clarity is a clear mind. DO YOUR MEDITATION okay. breathe frequently. when you feel like your head is going into a spin take a minute or two + center yourself. when you find yourself getting too far away from reality… breathe. you have to be grounded this week to get to where it’s taking you.

be prepared for a flow of direction because when you keep this clear mind you will make room to be divinely guided. i know you’ve been feeling a lot of emotions lately but that is okay. it’s good to feel those emotions because you can release them. they’ve always been there but you’ve been ignoring them + pretending. aren’t you glad that’s over.

we’ve been at the bottom… the only way out is up.

the word of the week


the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

take your time. you already put in your order, it’s on the way to you… no matter how many times you check on the delivery date its going to get to you when it gets to you. in the meantime all you have to do is do everything you can to prepare for it’s arrival.

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.it’s time to harvest your crop, farmer

hey beautiful,

how does it feel to know that the seeds you’ve been planting are almost ready to be harvested? everything you’ve been working on is blooming like the flowers in the spring time + babaaaay… it’s beautiful. have you taken anytime lately to reflect on your growth? i remember when all of this was just a thought in your mind, an imagination gone wild, now look at you. you’re living your dream life. you’re a full time farmer with a flourishing garden.

all the love + attention that you’ve been giving to yourself + everything around you is very much appreciated. it’s grown so much in the last 6 months alone and that’s something you can’t deny. your harvest is bound to be a beautiful one.

give yourself the recognition you need in order to see how far you’ve come. zoom out so you can see the bigger picture + when you’re done, zoom in to be the bigger picture.

go through your old photos, notebook + anything else that takes you back a little bit. your outlook on your entire life will be elevated.

always know where you’re going, never forget where you came from, but remember right now is all you have.

i love you

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.full harvest moon 2021 energy reading

hey beautiful,

the september full moon is just a few days away and i can already feel the good energy in the air. when i was doing some research on the history of the harvest moon i figured out a few things. this moon was the very moon that would tell the farmers when it was time to start harvesting the corn they were growing. immediately when i think of harvest, i think of abundance. i think of gathering all the fruits of your hard labor and being able to enjoy them.

i also learned this moon would illuminate the fields + give the farmers extra time to get things done. this is perfect for where we’re at in life because we need a little extra time to put in a little work so we can really reap all of the benefits to their maximum capacity. this is the last full moon of the summer + before we know it, it will be the fall.

so, as usual i created a tarot spread + channeled the energy that this full moon is bringing. we can get right into the reading because it got good.

what energy is this full moon bringing?

abundance + balance. make sure you are maintaining the balance that you’ve been working on in life. since you’ve been opening up to the idea of love and being receptive of it, your life has been continuously filling up with it. one of the key things you have to focus on is allowing yourself to depend on self love as your main source of energy. it’s one thing to be comfortable with being in your own company but it is a whole other thing to be in love with your own company. this is something that you’ve been working on consistently so it’s always filling up, you’re going in the right direction.

step into the leadership role because you now meet the requirements to do that. allow yourself to trust your skills + abilities. the self doubt must go out of the window because that is no longer who you are or what you do. nobody has been down your path before + it may be a little challenging but you got this. look at how far you’ve made it already. no guide, no push, no clue.. just you. you’re doing better than you think.

another message that came up was finally finding that feeling that ignites you every day. you will be filled with passion with this full moon + it is best to use it to your advantage. use it to fuel you every day when you wake up, when you create, when you connect with the people around you. this passion will help you with putting in the little overtime so you can get ready to chill out with fall approaching us.

just like the farmers working under the moon, put in a little extra work on everything you’ve been working on. you will be able to harvest the most out of your crops. and speaking of harvesting..

what in our lives needs to be “harvested”

your new self is now available for pick up. you’ve been working on yourself for a lil minute now + the time has come to start with the new. since you’ve been building yourself up, rewiring things + focusing on the changes you want to bring into fruition, you can now use them all. you can now really step into this new version of you + begin to execute from a different standpoint. your new life has been delivered and it’s just waiting for you to open it up.

that passion project you’ve been working on is just about ready to be harvested too. there may be a few last minute things you need to add on but it’s the perfect time to do so. this full moon is giving you that extra time, motivation + space to put in the last minute touches needed for the abundance to overflow. get ready for the overflow because… it is coming regardless.

what can we release?

you have to let go of the fear that’s been holding you back. a part of you is excited for the future + open to everything that life has in store for you but the other part of you is fearful of the unknown. you’re walking blindly through life because you don’t know what’s ahead but you’re also cautious for the same reasons. this is also something that has been a process and i’m so glad you’ve been making progress because the finish line isn’t that far away anymore. you’re closer to trusting the process of life more than you’ve ever been before + that’s saying a lot.

keep going, keep trusting, keep telling yourself that you are safe. every time a negative or uncertain thought comes up just remind yourself that you are safe, you are protected + you are divinely guided. this is a part of that rewiring process and it’s going to take some time so don’t beat yourself up about it. just keep working on it and you will be able to walk completely in faith very soon. no doubts, no hesitation, just knowing that you are good.

how can our crops flourish?

the best way for our crops to flourish is to go into overtime. this is the final stretch before everything is ready to be harvested so make sure you’re present + using every moment to the fullest. focus on the final touches + make sure you do everything that you can to make it cozy. you won’t have to do all this work you’ve been doing once you get all of these things executed the right way.

allow the people around you to support you as well. don’t be so closed off to everyone, open up to them + allow them to come to the abundance party. what fun is an abundance party without the people you love? without the people who care for you + your dreams? once you put these final touches on everything, you’ll be able to celebrate and have your own thanksgiving. know that the universe got you, your people got you + you got you. there’s no way you can’t flourish if you live like this.

what are the best tools to use to harvest everything?

the best tools you have right now is love + community. the love that you receive from the people around you will really help everything bloom. what good is having a flourishing garden of life if you can’t share it with anyone. it’s going to take more than yourself to be able to harvest all of the abundance that is there. if you try to do this alone, you will overwork yourself + quickly burn out. but if you have the right people around you, they can help you harvest, feast on the harvest with you, and have fun along the way.

it takes a village to get to where you’re going. there is so much more you can do when you have the help, love + support of other people. don’t get too wrapped up in your own experience… get out a little bit. get out of your head, get out of your own little world + even invite some people into your world. you can’t do everything on your own… no matter how long you’ve been doing it already. you have to try something different so you can get better results.

full moon affirmation

the past is over. this is a new day, one that i have never lived before. i stay in the now + enjoy each + every moment.

well, that’s all the messages that were delivered to me. i hope you’re as excited about this full moon as i am. i can smell the fruits of our labors… they’re just about ripe. let me know what kind of ritual you’re doing for this full moon. and how you plan on harvesting your crops.

i love you so much.

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.slow + steady wins the race

hey beautiful,

have you been taking notice of all the love that is flooding into your life? it’s literally running to you at this point but that’s because you’re allowing it to. you’ve been opening up to the idea of unconditional love + the open arms have been noticed. i love that for you.

continue everything you’re doing because it’s working. just take a look back to where you were 6 months ago. did you see most of the things that you’re seeing now? did you feel the same way you feel today? would you say you are the same person that you are today? i highly doubt the answer to any of those questions are yes. but if it is that’s okay too, there’s always time to grow + change.

this is still the beginning of a new life for you so don’t feel like you have to rush through it. you’re exactly where you need to be, you’re going at the right pace + everything will fall into place exactly how it should. keep up the love, keep letting it flow in. i know it feels good to be living this way. and now that you know what it’s like on this side of life there’s really no going back to the way things used to be.

i love you.

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