.discipline + dedication are the next two keys

hey beautiful,

so I just came with a quick message for you today.

i feel like you need to dedicate yourself. like you have to dedicate yourself in order to get the things that you truly desire out of life + to get them expeditiously. yeah, if you don’t dedicate yourself you can still get the things that you want but it’s not going to be no time soon. it’s not going to be on the quickest route to you. it’s not just going to appear. there’s going to be so much extra work that has to be done because you’re not dedicated to it, you’re not focused on it, you’re not working towards these things or moving towards these things + making sure you do everything that you have to do to get there.

your checklist is still going to be there whether you check things off or not + you know you’re mission is not going to be complete until you check all the things off… so start checking things off the list babes. start doing everything you have to do + discipline yourself as well. if you know you have three more things on your to do list you should not be playing around. you have the the chance to take a long break but eventually you have to clock back in + you can’t stay on break mode forever. so dedicate yourself to the things you have to do.

dedicate yourself to your checklist. discipline yourself so you’re not spending too much time on something that you should not be spending too much time on. actually make the effort to check things off your to do list. dedicate yourself to do the things that you know you have to do or that you should try. you have to put yourself out there cause it’s not going to get done unless you do them yourself. so really dedicate yourself my baby. let’s do this. let’s let’s go all in.

remember when we used to get rubrics in school for projects + you will have different numbers for how much of something you accomplished? let’s go for all fives. let’s go for straight fives across the board. i’m also realizing actually writing everything out like all the things you have to do + checking them off as you go. giving them places to go… giving them days + months… that helps. okay? so, take that advice + do with that as you will.

i love you.

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.please enter your new destination

hey beautiful,

so today is a new moon + i don’t know, i’m kind of feeling like… i expected the beginning of this year to just be so refreshing + motivating + energizing + it’s just was not. like it did not bring that energy but i guess it did bring the energy that was needed cause when you come to think about it, like all year, all 2021, it was hustle + grind + create + produce. + even in the reading for this year 2022 on the last episode, this is the year of rest. so i kind of get it now. i kind of still wish there was a lot more energy. but it just doesn’t need to be i guess. this is just something that we’re going to have to get used to going into this new year; not being on go so much, not constantly creating + producing + cranking things out + just chilling + vibing + calling things to us instead of just constantly running towards something. because we need that. like we need to be where we are and be able to relax + just exist + i feel like this is honestly the best way to start off the year.

i remember seeing something
that said “what you’re doing the first day of the new year is what you will be doing throughout it” + at first i was thinking “dang, i’m sluggish low key like i don’t really feel too hot, i don’t really want to do much” but that’s exactly what i’m going to be doing all year. chilling, relaxing, enjoying life, creating, existing + being free. being myself. so i appreciate that when i actually take the time to look at the picture a little different. i see, okay cool, this is what it is + this is what it ain’t + i’m just excited for this year + today is the new moon. i believe it’s in Capricorn… let me check. yeah the new moon is in Capricorn and i’ve been seeing stuff.

i didn’t do a reading on the new moon cause i feel like i should have did it a couple days ago if i was going to do it but i was looking at other people’s readings that they were doing + basically i kept seeing setting your intentions + focusing your energies towards what you want. this is going to be an intense energy + it is bringing new beginnings + blessings + something is in retrograde. okay i’m looking at something now + i know for the reading for the year, it was saying focus on your intentions. + it says “focus on your intentions. what do you want to feel? feel this feeling + decide what in your life needs to shift to support this feeling.”

@spiritdaughter on ig

so, set your intentions today if you don’t do nothing else. set your intentions for the year. write out the things that you want to bring into this year, into this month, into this week, into your days. set your intentions every day you wake up. before you do anything, when you’re going into something, when you’re talking to the people around you, when you’re looking for something, when you’re trying something new + you’re creating, have your intentions set on what is the end goal. make sure that you’re not just doing stuff for nothing + just floating aimlessly throughout this life. set your intentions so you can know what you need to do and where you need to go to get there. i feel like you really need to ask for things you want like close mouths don’t get fed. that’s just been a message on my mind today like ask for what you want…being afraid of rejection.

+ that’s actually a chapter that i read today in “Conquering Fear” by Harold S Kushner. it was the fear of rejection, like you can’t allow the fear of being turned down,of being a let go, of being denied stop you from trying for the things you want. especially when you look at it as not rejection but guidance into a new direction. just because you didn’t get that job or that person didn’t want to be with you anymore or you didn’t make the team or this brand don’t want to work with you, that’s okay. it wasn’t for you at that moment. something may work out later along the line or it might be the push that you needed to go in a new direction. so sometimes when you try out for things + it doesn’t work it has nothing to do with you personally or your lack of, or your nonabilities but it’s actually good for you.

that just goes back to knowing that you’re safe, you’re always in the right place. everything is always working out for you. everything is going towards your highest good. yaknowaimsaying? so i just need you to know that. having that fear of rejection my baby, you need to let it go + that’s another thing that we were saying about being yourself. stepping out as yourself, presenting yourself to world, allowing the world to see you because you cannot be rejected by people who are meant for you. if something is meant for you, my baby, it’s meant for you but you will never know unless you go for it, unless you put yourself out there, unless you try out + fill out that paper, unless you go to the place you will never know what life has in store for you. you will never know my baby so i’m trying to tell you how to do these things.

i just had to tell you that you need to go for everything that you want this year. like this is your year. if you want something my baby, you have to go get it. it is sitting right there for you + it might not be in the first place you look it might not be in a 2nd, the 7th, the 12th but it might be in the 13th. just keep looking for the thing that you want to find in your life + eventually you will find it. if you never go looking, if you never sign up for the scavenger hunt, if you never go to the place where this thing is. if you stay stuck in the place where you are where you know there’s no possible reason for this thing that you want to be there, if you’ve never seen it before where you are, you have to go somewhere different. you have to push yourself out there you have to try to reach this new place. yaknowaimsaying? you have to map it out, you have to figure out the travels + you have to see yourself doing it + then actually go do it.

set your intentions for every single thing that you want this year to bring to you. everything that you want to step into + evolve into. i promise you my baby you gone have it cause you got to know that everything that you wanted last year, you got it + if you don’t have it physically, right now in this moment my baby it’s still right there. you just have not reached it yet. it’s still on this journey that you’re working towards + that you’re walking down, it’s still on your path somewhere but you just cannot see it until you get to it. so keep going after your dreams. keep deciding what you want, how you’re going to live + how you’re going to want your world you know what I’m saying? decide how you want to feel + then and then go for it. go feel it. go experience it.

if you want some sushi you’re not going to say “let me go to burger king” you know you want sushi so why not go to the sushi spot or publix? you’re not going to find sushi if you’re looking at Burger King. we have to actively make these decisions + actively know where we want to go + go in that direction my baby. yaknowaimsaying? you know you want to go home why would you go to another bar? you’re not going to find your bed there. you’re not going to find your makeup wipes there. you’re not going to find your soothing lullabies that lull you to sleep every night. you’re not going to find your partner there, your child, you’re not going to find your kitchen, your burrito that you had for lunch earlier that you were saving for when you got home you’re not going to find it in this place so you need to go to where you are likely to find these things you desire my baby okay? make sure you are aligning yourself with the places that you want to go to. you don’t need to sign up for field trips that you don’t want to go to just because it’s cool + everybody else is hanging out there…no. you know there’s nothing for you there so don’t go. don’t do it. okay? put yourself first. do what you want to do for you. relax.

oh, another message my baby: a clean house is cool but a clean house 24/7 is CRAZY. that’s actually crazy. you is doing too much. yaknowaimsaying? you either don’t have kids, don’t make a lot of mess, don’t cook… you know barely be home. but if you are a regular degular person, mom, creative… relax.

i love you.

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.2022… all brand new

hey beautiful,

soooo, it is 2022 (: + i’m definitely excited to find out what kind of energy it’s bringing + see what’s going on for this year. i feel like stepping into this new year with the gratitude for all the things we got to accomplish, see, do, + how far we’ve came is really going to set the mood + the intentions of walking into 2022 beautifully.

i feel like this year is going to be wonderful, it’s going to be great. there’s going to be so much love + abundance. all of these fruits, accolades, presents + deliveries that we’ve been speaking of on the podcast lately. i feel like all of that is right here. like boom, here ya go. as long as you continue to be open to it, be thankful + present in the moment that you have right now, there’s nothing that can come of 2022 that is crazy. since we’ve been creating our reality all this year, we realized how much control we had over it. since we’ve been working on ourselves + the things we’ve wanted to come into our lives, for a whole consistent year it has no choice but to pay off. it has no choice but to be this amazing thing that you’ve built because you’ve been working on it all this time.

it’s like ding dong, your order is finally complete. you’ve finished everything that you’ve been working on, you made it, here’s the final product. you’ve had this vision of everything coming together + you’ve been imagining it + feeling it internally because you weren’t quite there in the external. but you felt it + you’re thankful for what you do have now so you’re not going to have to imagine anymore. it’s going to be right here when you open your eyes… look, there it is. everything you’ve been asking for… look, there it is. everything that you’ve been desiring… look there it is. everything that you’ve been dreaming of, manifesting, feeling of, everything you’ve been creating… look, there it is. it’s right here, you finally made it.

it’s been waiting for you. you took all the right paths + you pushed forward through all the challenges + obstacles + now you’ve made it. you made it to where you are now, you made it to the person you are now… here’s your masterpiece.

that’s just such a beautiful thing to know that you created this. you single-handedly annihilated you know, every rap b- in the building like… nah fr.

you did that. + at some point, i’m flabbergasted… like, no words.

have you actually acknowledged everything that you’ve done? how far you’ve came? acknowledged yourself for getting through those days that you didn’t know how you were going to get through? breaking those chains + shackles that you didn’t even know you had on yourself. facing yourself, being comfortable with yourself, accepting yourself, living your dreams, working hard on the things that you desire, not giving up on yourself, believing in you. all of that, you did. nobody else did it but you. yes, you might have had some help along the way but ultimately every decision that you made this year that brought you to where you are right now, was yours. so give it up for yourself.

you gotta start giving yourself credit where credit is due my baby. someone can give you credit, but if you don’t accept it + realize yourself that you are this amazing it doesn’t matter what anybody else says. YOU DID THAT. 2021, that was you. every day, every 365, 24/7, that was you. the entire year was you + we just love that. we love to see it. we love to hear it. we love to believe it. we love to know that. so we already did a review of 2021 so let’s just get into this year… 2022.

what are you bringing us?

i’ve been receiving downloads over the last couple of days. the first one that i got was “rest”. 2022 is the year of rest. + like i was saying, 2021, we worked so hard, hustled, lost sleep, burnt ourselves out + we’re not doing that anymore. yeah, you had to work hard to kick start it. you had to show yourself how dedicated you were. you had to put in that work to get to where you are today. you had to make up for lost time. you had to do all of that + it’s done my baby. + the card that came out was “i release all fear + doubt”. you have to release the fear that you have to work all the time, that you have to constantly be in production mode to be successful + get to where you want to go, that you have to be in drive, in sports mode, fourth gear, revving it up. you don’t have to do all that to get to where you’re going my baby.

you need to enjoy the journey. take your time, everything does not have to be done immediately. so release that. release that need to be on go because you do not have to be on go to be successful. not 24/7 you don’t. you need to take care of yourself. you need time to just chill, you need time to enjoy yourself, everything you’re working for + your life. you need time to relax, reset + recoup. this year of 2022 is rest.

“i now choose to free myself from all destructive fears + doubts. i accept myself + create peace in my mind + heart. i am love + i am safe”. first of all, this card has never even came out before which is good because that means we’re moving forward, we got new lessons to focus on + learn. but basically, free yourself from all destructive fears + doubts. know that you are safe here, know that you don’t have to be on go, know that you can just chill, relax, create + live the life that you desire. all the chaos + fear that was instilled in you… + i feel that’s another thing we did in 2021. we worked on fear. because at first… fear was MONGERING i ainnlyin. but now we’re cool with fear. there may still be some things that we’re a little iffy about but most of the time we can kick it with fear. we can let fear let us know when something should be questionable but we don’t let it rule us. we are in control here.

this year, baybeeeeee… everything is great. this year we are past those limitations because we worked on them. we dug it all up, we scraped it up, we unscrewed some screws, unnailed some nails + now it’s time to dump it out. we’ve done the scrubbing + the heavy lifting + now it’s time to dispose of some things. now it’s time to move forward + leave any unneccesary fear behind. i’m reading this book now “Conquering Fear” by Harold Kushner + he was saying how you shouldn’t eliminate all fear completely. we should be able to work with fear + let is help us in life + i completely agree with that.

“i now create a wonderful, new job. i am totally open + receptive of a wonderful new position using my creative talents + abiilites. working with + for people i love in a wonderful location + earning good money”

this dream you’ve been curating, this things you’ve been working so hard for all 2021. this passion. this life you’ve been creating. this job, this career, this way of bringing you massive amounts of income, it’s coming in. it’s like you’ve been pulling this string that got the money bags on the end for a while now. and this string is getting closer + closer to you so keep pulling. the end is closer to you than you think + when i tell you when you get to the end you’re gonna see why you’ve been pulling so hard + so long + it’s been so rough + so tough. you’re going to be happpyyyyyy. you already know it’s there cause you wouldn’t have been working this hard towards something if you didn’t believe it was there. now, you just need to be open to receive it. don’t even worry about it. remember we said it’s time to rest. it’s time to just chill + receive everything you’ve been working for.

i’m talking BIG COINS. i’m talking bout PENTACLES. i’m talking about CHECKS, i’m talking about DEPOSITS. i’m talking about ching ching ching goes the money tree + every time it chings money comes to me. i’m talking about big checks. i’m talking about commas, zeros. i’m talking about first name basis at the bank. i’m talking about success. + not just financially, you’re happy. you’re creating your dreams that’s helping people all over the world, that’s helping you. that’s allowing you the freedom to just be. that’s helping you exist + grow + sharing your gifts with the world + doing what you were sent here to do + being able to live abundantly + discover + experience life. simply because you’re doing what you love. simply because you get paid to do what you love. simply because you’re open to this. it’s not just about the finances. the money good… the money gone always be good. but you’re in love with your job. the thing that you do that’s making you money… you love it. + how could you not? you’ve been working on this for so long.

what a message we need to hear stepping into 2022?

“i love my body. i create peacefulness in my mind + my body reflects this peacefulness as perfect health.” this is just telling me continue to connect with your body. this past year, we opened up the connection with our bodies + started being present in every moment. we started the connection of our mind, body + soul + as long as you continue to build this you’re going to be so sturdy + stable yet beautiful + delicate at the same time.

really step into this year with the intentions of being present. because guess what? if you’re present you’re going to attract more presents. step into this year with your whole self. that was a message from a few days ago… bring your whole self, love your whole self, carry your whole self with you. mindfulness… be aware of your self. + that’s another thing we worked on. now that you have that awareness you can use it, continue to strengthen it as well. definitely practice connecting yourself with yourself. if you do that it’s going to be a whole new world… i’m talking about ariel the mermaid.

(lmfao, me realizing this was not ariel, but jasmine)

there’s so much coming this year. it just feels so abundant. there’s so many opportunities.

“i listen to my body’s messages. my body is always working towards optimum health. my body wants to be whole + healthy. i cooperate + become healthy, whole + complete.”

i feel like you need to pay attention to any aches, pains, your cycle. definetely pay attention to your cycle. get in tune with your cycle… get in tune with your cycle… GET IN TUNE WITH YOUR CYCLE. if you have not done any further research than what they taught you in school… it is now the time. there’s so much you have to learn + not just from a medical standpoint but a spiritual. really get in tune with your feminine power. really learn yourself. pay attention to your body, act on things when they’re happening. don’t just let things bother you + you don’t do anything about them. you have to act on them.

another card that came up was “i am safe in the universe. all life loves + supports me.”

continue to realize that you’re safe here + everything is always working out for you. you can be yourself, you can follow your dreams. you can be whoever you want to be + do whatever you want to do. you’re safe to do that. you’re safe to be the person you were sent here to be. you don’t have to try to mold yourself… it’s alright to be you. it’s more than okay. allow yourself to be you. now that you’ve found you.. don’t lose you, don’t hold back on you… just be you. mmmmkay?

what do we need to focus on when it comes to our relationships + friendships?

i feel like 2022 there is going to be a connection or re-connection that’s going to be super good for you. it’s kind of life a connection that was planted. a relationship that you needed to be started back in the past but it didn’t work out. but this connection needed to happen back then so you could get to the point where you’re at now. it probably didn’t go well in the past but now that you’ve grown separately the timing is a little perfect. a relationship that “failed” in the past will come to the light + the re-connection will be necessary. even some of the relationships you have right now will be put in a different light.

any new friendships/relationships?

i feel like you will make a lot of new connections this year. i also feel like everyone who tries to make their way in the present from your past should not make the cut. use that fear that we were talking about to determine who you should reconnect with + who you shouldn’t. cause there’s gonna be some people who tries to slide their way back in your life because they see how good you’re doing…. you will know who is for you + who is not so don’t be blinded. we are doing everything with intentions. if you are doing something, talking to somebody, entertaining somebody, ask yourself “why am i doing this? why am i talking to this person? why is this person in my life? what are they bringing to the table? what am i bringing to their table? what are my intentions? is this what i need right now? how do i feel about this?” all year… ask yourself these questions to help you navigate through some things.

pay attention to people + their actions. you’ve gotten out of your head so try to stay there. see how people move + be present. watch how far this gets you!

what is the most important message we need to carry with us?

partnerships. partnerships. partnerships.

remember how i was saying being a lone wolf + finally coming out of the shell that you’ve been in. even though this period of alone time was necessary for you to become the person you are today, its’ time to come out of that. it’s time to really connect with your people + really be present. you have to be you. you have to connect. you have to allow these people into your life. you have to plug yourself back in. we were unplugged for a while but now we gotta get back. there’s much more joy when you’re playing with your friends. it’s better to have teammates in this game of life. you don’t have to do this alone. so plug back in, reconnect + let’s get it. that ‘s the most important message of this year so remember that as you go along.

what do we need to leave behind in 2022?

basically the opposite of what i just said. this trait of keeping yourself to yourself so much. not sharing your talents, your world, + not fully allowing the world to partake in who you are. stop doing that. we learned about that + we saw how great i was to open the door a little bit. so let’s open it fully. you can’t keep yourself inside no more… it’s boring. it’s getting boring. tomato, tomato, i’m throwing tomatoes.

“i deserve the best + accept the best now. i am mentally + emotionally equipped to enjoy a prosperous + loving life. it is my birthright to deserve all good. i claim my good.”

you have to know that you are good where you are. you are safe. you are great. you are happy. you are the best version of yourself. you can be who you want to be.

“i am beautiful + everybody loves me. i radiate acceptance + i am deeply loved by others. love surrounds me + protects me.”

“i am totally adequate for all situations” you don’t have to hide yourself. stop doubting yourself. do you really fully believe in your powers + who you are + who you were sent here to be? when someone asks you who are you do you slump down or boost ya chest out + tell them who you are? i need you to be confident in yourself, know who you are, + put yourself out there. no matter how nobody else is going to look at you, see you, or question what you do. don’t worry about none of that. i need you to put yourself out there + know that who it’s meant for you to stick to… you will stick to + if you don’t, you don’t.

you’re not meant for everybody so stop trying to please everybody. stop trying to be accepted by everybody. that’s not your job. you’re putting pressure on yourself when you’re constantly trying to be accepted by everyone. who cares? we learned that this year + who is meant for us will come to us, anybody else can take the bus. yaknowaimsaying? + i just want you to know that.

you good. you’re so good. you are amazing. so leave that where that’s at.

anything else we need to leave behind?

self-sabotage. acting like you don’t really see what’s going on because you do. stop pretending like you didn’t see something or hear something. actually it will be beneficial to tune in a little bit more when it comes to hearing things. like turn down the voices in your head so you can hear what’s going on around you. we learned a lot about being in the present moment + allowing ourselves to be where we’re at, right here right now. it’s been a lot of that + now we can take all these things we learned + we can start to master this skill. we’ve done the studying, we’ve done the note-taking and now we can apply with full pressure. we’re passing this test.

what’s the theme of 2022?

truth. knowing that this is your truth. believing in everything that you desire + making it happen. just seeing what it really is + what it ain’t. because now that you control over your mind + your reality + your world, you can see what it is. you’re not being fed lies. everything is sweet. you’re here. everything is true this year. you’re true to yourself. you’ve kind of destroyed all these false narratives + buildings that were taking up space in your world that were placed there. you’ve destroyed them + now it’s time to start building what you want to be there. they tried to come on your block + tell you what’s going where, what color it’s going to be + what’s allowed + what’s not… no baybee.

like they gonna come on your block + tell you what to do? + you’ve been allowing it because they’ve been on your block since you were born, but no. it’s time to claim your block back. it’s time to see this is how you really live. you have to show them how to live a life, don’t let them instruct you anymore. this your world love.

let’s get it. 2022 is here + in full effect. ❤ you got this. this year is going to be beautiful. congratulations to you for making it through another 365.

i love you.

@womensmagick on ig

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.closing the curtains

hey beautiful,

so… it is almost january the first + i just listened to the 2021 prediction again. i kind of just took some notes.
i just wanted to reflect on this year. really look at your growth. really admire how far you’ve came, really see all the things you’ve accomplished.

i was writing out all my major accomplishments this year + recently i’ve started writing out all my daily accomplishments. it just helps to see how far you’ve truly came, how much you truly do. so you can genuinely see how much you do + not give yourself the short end of the stick when it comes time to recognize who you are.

that’s one of the messages we’ve been receiving… “acknowledge everything you do” + that’s been a great way for me to do that. literally everything i did that day, i wrote it down. i went back + i acknowledged myself for those things.

2021 is coming to an end + it’s been quite the year. i feel like there’s been so much growth. so many developments + achievements… just a whole lot. one of the first things i had talked about 2021 bringing was emotions. getting a better understanding of your emotions + with that understanding came a very difficult journey, a very unknown journey. there was a comparison of going down a tunnel but there being jewels at the end of the tunnel. the whole tunnel ride is unknown, a little dark, not looking too familiar or promising but at the end there’s this beautiful product.

i feel like that happened exactly. i feel like we were able to feel how we feel, understand that + be unapologetic about it. that was a great lesson that was learned… being aware of who you are + being unapologetic about it. moving with intentions, using your emotions to help you navigate + make your decisions.

2021 was the year of moving forward. the year of becoming the creator of your own reality, understanding your powers + being present. getting out of your head + putting all of your powers to use was a huge thing that happened this year. you had to realize that you are always on time wherever you were in life + that allowed you to blossom into the person that you are right now. there was so much work that was completed + sometimes there was some overworking done but that has set you up for the year that you’re are stepping into.

2021 was the one + 2022 we are brand new.

give yourself a large round of applause for all of your hard work, dedication, drive and motivation. all the lessons you learned, the things you opened yourself up to, all the techniques you applied, all the strategies you built up, the people you met, the promises you delivered, the people you met, your health, the food you ate, the places you went. all of your daily accomplishments + visions that you brought to life. all of these things, you did. you prepared yourself for all of the greater things that are coming your way.

you did that. the entire year, you never gave up on yourself. you kept going, you kept working on yourself. your personal development that you experienced this year is actually crazy. it’s such a beautiful thing.

the doors are opening up for next year. are you ready?

i love you

@themindfriend on ig

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.be like elsa + let it go

hey, beautiful.

please continue to forgive yourself and let go of the past. continue to leave all of that behind. all of the trauma, negativity, pain, sadness, anything that major passed, not enjoyable. you have to let it go.

because when I say BAG LADY… + i was saying this for some time, but we really need to listen to the messages that i be talking about because this is real. but you being a bag lady is holding you back so much like, you keep revisiting the past in your head. like thinking of all the ways you’ve been hurt or all the ways you could have did something different or all the things you wish would have been or could have been like, let that go. you’re here right now.

so be here. be present. let it go. it’s not just as easy as “okay, bye” but you have to forgive yourself and know that you did the best that you could do.

okay? you know i gotta bring the cards out…

“we are all doing the best we can with the understanding, knowledge + awareness we have.”

anything that you feel like was a mistake…it wasn’t. that was the best you could do. that was the best you could offer yourself + other people too. other people around you who you feel like lacked or you feel like, did you wrong or didn’t do something the right way?

they did the best that they could do. they did what they knew to do, okay. + you really have to focus on forgiving yourself for that. because once you forgive yourself, you can remove yourself from that space of, “oh, i’m sad. oh, i’m so hurt from my past.” like you’re going to be hurt forever if you never let it go.

so let’s work on letting it go now. let’s work on allowing yourself to be free. let’s work on healing. let’s work on growing anymore. let’s do that.

i still want to continue to say like “i see you. i see everything you’re doing. i feel you. i feel your energy bubbling and growing.”

i see your rays shining from you. so just keep at it. keep doing everything that you can. you’re unlocking so many things. you’re in a whole new life. you’re doing so much.

you’re a whole new person. + don’t that feel good to know that you’ve grown to become this person you are today? it feels good for me. so trust that. okay? let it go.

it’s nobody’s fault.

trust me, my baby. it’s okay. it’s okay to be who you are.

shining like a star. okay? don’t make me start dropping bars.

continue to heal. continue to let go. continue to grow. continue to say your affirmations, continue to change your mindset, continue to love and be free. all right? that’s all I got for you tonight. i love you so much.

i love you.

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.a letter from december

hey beautiful,

it’s actually december.

it’s actually december.



we just finished another 30 days (shoutout november for coming through) and we’re here in december now. i feel like this is the month i’ve been waiting for all my life. you know how we’ve been getting to the birth of our new life? we’re finally here. it’s finally time to deliver this beautiful baby + i’m exciteddddddd.

you’re about to give a whole birth to an entire new life… YOUR entire new life. that is simply amazing.

this is the healthiest, most beautiful, happiest life you’ve ever had in all your days + i’m so happy for you. i’m glad you’ve decided to be who you are no matter what anybody else’s thinks or what you think anybody else is thinking. you know your worth now + you’re not accepting anything less than what you deserve. you’ve set your boundaries, laid out your expectations + requirements + you’re not letting anyone or anything slip in your life if they can’t pay the fee. you’ve raised your prices + you’re not worried about not being affordable for others. i love that for you.

you can clearly see what you want out of life + i applaud you for that. it’s okay to have standards in your life. you know you’re the gift, you’re that girl, you’re the one who get’s to call the shots + you’ve started calling them. round of applause for you.

this month i want you to continue to do what you’ve been doing. continue building, growing + being yourself. keep allowing yourself to get more comfortable with you being you. show up as your true 100% self every single day. you’re going to have plenty opportunities to be you, speak your mind + go for the things you want + you should take it all in. have fun this month. take ALLLLLL the opportunities that come your way. + i do mean ALL of them. connect with all the people you can, have all the laughs, speak your mind, do everything you would do if you wanted to. i mean that with my entire heart.

you are safe to be you. you are safe to create. you are safe to connect. you are safe to love.

come outside to play this month. there’s nothing that can harm you here.

another thing you should focus on this month is clarity on your emotions. i know you’ve been working on this part of you recently so this is just a reminder to continue that work. continue doing everything that you are doing because you are doing it well. all of the seeds that you have been planting are blossoming and the fruits are almost ripe. just keep tending to this bountiful garden you created that is your life + enjoy the fruits of your labor. i’m glad you’re here right now + i’m glad you decided that you were going to have everything you do.

i did ask the question “what’s missing” and the answer that came up was “acknowledgement of your power”. please be sure to apply everything that you’ve been learning in your life. you’ve gained so much wisdom + had so many realizations, now it’s time to put the knowledge to use. you know you have the powers that you do + you should be using them every chance you get. be super. that’s the last thing you have to do to receive everything you’ve been working for. ❤

this month will be a beautiful month. you will have so many opportunities + blessings coming your way. this is the birth of your brand new life. everything is changing around you. this is everything you’ve been asking for.

i love you

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.november 2021: a reading

hey boo,

it’s about that time. we’ve come to the conclusion of another 31 days and november has finally arrived to us for this year. before we dive into this new month so quickly, let’s take a look at october.

how do you feel october treated you? hopefully the answer is very well because it did it’s best. it came through + kept every word that it told us in the beginning. it came with major respect and manners. october was definitely a month of huge change + prosperity and sitting here at the end of it, you can see that now. you’re shifting your entire world one moment at a time + please keep it up because the show must go on.

these past few weeks we learned about accepting change, partnerships + as always… trusting the process. everything that you wanted to work out + you allowed it to work out did just that… it worked out exactly as it always has. continue building this trust in the universe so the bond is immaculate. there is plenty more abundance out there, october was just a taste.

the message

“i trust my inner wisdom. as i go about my daily affairs, i listen to my own guidance. my intuition is always on my side. i trust it to be there at all times. i am safe.”
“divine wisdom guides me. i am guided throughout this day in making the right choices. divine intelligence continuously guides me in the realization of my goals. i am safe.”

with both of these cards coming out after one another this is kind of an exclamation mark. we really need to pay attention to our intuition + believe that we know where we are going. we already know + have everything that we need to lead us to that great destination. once you tell the universe where you want to go… you have to trust that the directions it gives you will lead you there. if you need to strengthen your intuition this month… by all means, please do that.

“my healing is already in process. my willingness to forgive begins my healing process. i allow the love form my own heart to wash through me, cleansing + healing every part of my body. i know that i am worth healing”

this healing journey is one that will continue to go on forever. you will continue to evolve every day you go through life + that is a beautiful thing. in order to heal my baby, you have to feel pain + this month… there will be a little extra healing involved. so any pain you feel this month, know that you are in the process of healing… that’s all this is. you’re shedding this layer of old and growing the necessary cells needed to protect your new self. continue shedding + growing, it will all be worth it.

“i now go beyond other people’s fears + limitations. it is my mind that creates my experiences. i am unlimited in my own ability to create the good in my life.”

you are the only co-creator of your life. there is no one else on this face of the earth who should be given the power to limit you or crush your dreams. all the ideas + beliefs that you have are yours + you should stand beside them until you can’t stand anymore… + even then… you have to sit beside them. you are changing the game because you decided too + people who have been playing the game the old way may not necessarily see why you want to change the rules because it’s been going okay. + if they see it this way, they definitely won’t agree with what you got going on. but know that that is not your problem + when you figure it all out + everything falls into place they might even want to know how you did it.

the energy

november is bringing abundance. we are in a rebirth stage. the old version of you is no longer existing my baby. you’re giving birth to this new life + that is a beautiful thing. know that with a birth, you have to go through growth, pains, being uncomfortable, LABOR + some more stuff. it isn’t going to just be delivered to your door… you have to go through somethings before you get what you’ve been working on. in order to have this thing, you have to have a little shake up. so things are going to have to get a little ugly. you can’t have ugly without beauty anyways. you’ve been preparing yourself for this new baby + the time is now. the contractions are getting intense but at the end of this it will all be so worth it.

keep putting yourself out there. keep stepping into your purpose + filling your life with your passion + a whole lot of love. all the love that you’ve been cultivating is going to allow your entire life to take off. this way that you’re doing things is the perfect way for you. november is coming through with a lot of beauty + also some challenges so let’s talk about it.

the challenges

continue to put yourself out there + release the people who are not meant to go where you’re going. it’s time for a weight check + it’s looking like you’re overcapacity. they can not come with you love, you can not save people who do not want to be saved. you’re going to have to look at these situations from a different perspective because you’re going to a place with a new view. upgrade your vision so you can really see how these situations are really playing themselves out. + once you move… everyone can not get an invite to the house warming party… or any party after that until they meet the new energy requirements. no worries… you will both have a great time on your own.

do not give any whiff of breath to old situations, habits or people. if you are going to bury this old version of life, you have to leave it there. we don’t want to see you at 2 o clock in the morning digging up a grave because you miss something or need something familiar for some comfort. it’s okay. you’ve outgrown these things. when you release them, release them with love. you don’t have to hate them or send them any negativity because you have to part ways. you can both still thrive.

the word


a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

this is a transformation. your whole world is about to have a huge change in form + appearance.

thank you in advance november. we are here waiting for you with open arms. make yourself at home.

let’s make best friends with this month love. november has a lot more in store for us than the sneak peek that it just gave us.

i love you.

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.i love my life

i love my life.

i love my life.

i love my life.

that’s what you need to tell yourself throughout each + every day. you have to know that you’re walking in love every single moment. when you love life, life starts to love you back and that’s the best life to live. a life full of love, happiness + abundance. the life that you’re already living. if you tilt your head a little bit, and maybe even squint, you’ll see it crystal clear.

remember when the trend “i h*** my life” was going around? did you participate in saying that? it was a trick, you were bamboozled into casting a not so wonderful spell upon your life. saying those words created the reality that you were living in + of course manifested a plethora of things that caused you to h*** your life. but now we can change those words. we can start casting a different spell to work some new magic. i mean, it’s spooky season, we really need to tap into our inner witch + wizard.

think of all the spells you cast on a regular with all the things you say every day. you can now choose to change these ways. you can change the direction of where you’re going with a simple pivot of your foot, one easy flick of a light switch. + you can do it right now. you have been choosing everything that has been happening in your life. just take a peep at trying something new, if you don’t then you can go back to the way things were. but you’ll never know unless you try.

also, the people that are currently in your life… don’t lose them. the relationships you have been building are all meaningful and they will continue to grow. just like the spells you’ve been casting, you’ve been choosing to be distant and not maintain relationships with people but it’s time to change. now, you can learn some new skills and keep them alive. the love that you’ve been giving yourself has gotten to level where you can stat pouring into others and not be burnt out. this feels good, you know it does.

keep doing everything that you’re doing, you’re on the right track.

i love you.

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.i love me

hey boo,

the years of not appreciating yourself have come to an end. you now know that there’s no way you can love anyone else more than you love yourself. you also know you can’t expect anyone to love you when you’re not sure of your own self love. accepting yourself for exactly who you are is all your soul has been waiting for this entire time and now that it’s receiving it’s ultimate wish, life is so much better.

it’s safe for you to completely be yourself + although this is a new feeling, it’s a pretty great one. you no longer have to hide + protect the person you are out of the fear of being rejected because that fear is leaving the premises as we speak. no one who is truly meant to be a part of your life can reject you or not like you, that’s just not how that works. when you’re 100% true to yourself, it will seem like almost everyone in the world is flocking to you like gnats finding comfort in a streetlight.

you’re radiating love and light + you’re attracting all the good things that are meant for you. all the love that you were meant to receive is here for you now. you deserve the unlimited abundance of love the universe has to offer + now that you know that, you can start collecting everything that is rightfully yours. observe that shift that happens in your world around you now that is has the company of everlasting love.

prepare yourself because it’s going to be quite remarkable.

i love you.

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.simply amazing

hey boo,

ever since you’ve decided to allow love to be a permanent resident in your life things have started to change for the better. have you noticed that? everything has started to blossom right before your eyes simply because you decided that it was time to. you saw that your garden needed to be tended too + deserved a little more love + now look. look at all the abundance that you’ve cultivated. now try to imagine everything that’s going to flourish as you keep doing what you’re doing.

allowing all of the love to flow into your life has also allowed love to flow out of you into the people around you and this has manifested into beautiful relationships. even if these relationships have not yet reached their full potential, it’s already the start of something new + if you really take some time to examine them, you will be able to find the beauty in them. maybe it’s an unfamiliar beauty because you’ve never seen it before but it’s beauty nonetheless. everything around you is looking better + better with each moment that passes.

the days of not being able to maintain healthy relationships are behind you now because you know so much more + you know that in order to have the things you desire you have to be the one that does everything to obtain them. no one else is going to hand you anything or do all of the hard work for you. in order to see a change, you have to be the change + the rewards of working so hard for these things make them that much better. you have to be one who calls the shots + you realize that now.

you’re healing. everything you’re growing through is a part of your healing process + you can’t stop here now can you? can you even remember how things used to be? better question: can you imagine stopping right here + going back to where you once were? i highly doubt the answer is yes. this entire journey is so worth it. every pain, challenge, tear, smile, stretch… everything. it’s all a contribution to the person you are becoming. and that person is simply amazing.

i love you.

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