.discipline + dedication are the next two keys

hey beautiful,

so I just came with a quick message for you today.

i feel like you need to dedicate yourself. like you have to dedicate yourself in order to get the things that you truly desire out of life + to get them expeditiously. yeah, if you don’t dedicate yourself you can still get the things that you want but it’s not going to be no time soon. it’s not going to be on the quickest route to you. it’s not just going to appear. there’s going to be so much extra work that has to be done because you’re not dedicated to it, you’re not focused on it, you’re not working towards these things or moving towards these things + making sure you do everything that you have to do to get there.

your checklist is still going to be there whether you check things off or not + you know you’re mission is not going to be complete until you check all the things off… so start checking things off the list babes. start doing everything you have to do + discipline yourself as well. if you know you have three more things on your to do list you should not be playing around. you have the the chance to take a long break but eventually you have to clock back in + you can’t stay on break mode forever. so dedicate yourself to the things you have to do.

dedicate yourself to your checklist. discipline yourself so you’re not spending too much time on something that you should not be spending too much time on. actually make the effort to check things off your to do list. dedicate yourself to do the things that you know you have to do or that you should try. you have to put yourself out there cause it’s not going to get done unless you do them yourself. so really dedicate yourself my baby. let’s do this. let’s let’s go all in.

remember when we used to get rubrics in school for projects + you will have different numbers for how much of something you accomplished? let’s go for all fives. let’s go for straight fives across the board. i’m also realizing actually writing everything out like all the things you have to do + checking them off as you go. giving them places to go… giving them days + months… that helps. okay? so, take that advice + do with that as you will.

i love you.

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hey beautiful.

in order to reach your highest potential you have to stop fighting yourself. there’s an internal battle going on that you need to bring to an end. you can try to ignore it as much as you want but you know the pain is there, you know there’s so much going on that you’re simply pretending isn’t. you can not turn your head when a problem shows it’s face and think it’s gonna go away. it’s still there, probably causing more damage + chaos than if you would’ve just faced it when you first saw it.

you’ve been allowing these challenges to wreak havoc in your establishment + you clean up after them every night while they sleep peacefully just to wake up the next day to do it all over again. it’s time for that to stop… forreal. i know you’re exhausted so let’s set some rules in place. let’s figure out our boundaries + expectations for ourselves, call a meeting + have a discussion. there has to be some kind of order in place.

Me having a meeting with myself to get my life together

it’s been the most peaceful yet destructive war in herstory and it is time to bring it to an end. no more fighting, let’s make amends and be best friends. we have to be in harmony with ourselves in order to have peace of mind + live life to the fullest potential.

i love you

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.it’s time to harvest your crop, farmer

hey beautiful,

how does it feel to know that the seeds you’ve been planting are almost ready to be harvested? everything you’ve been working on is blooming like the flowers in the spring time + babaaaay… it’s beautiful. have you taken anytime lately to reflect on your growth? i remember when all of this was just a thought in your mind, an imagination gone wild, now look at you. you’re living your dream life. you’re a full time farmer with a flourishing garden.

all the love + attention that you’ve been giving to yourself + everything around you is very much appreciated. it’s grown so much in the last 6 months alone and that’s something you can’t deny. your harvest is bound to be a beautiful one.

give yourself the recognition you need in order to see how far you’ve come. zoom out so you can see the bigger picture + when you’re done, zoom in to be the bigger picture.

go through your old photos, notebook + anything else that takes you back a little bit. your outlook on your entire life will be elevated.

always know where you’re going, never forget where you came from, but remember right now is all you have.

i love you

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.full buck moon 2021 reading

hey beautiful,

the full moon is tomorrow + i decided to do a reading on what kind of energy it was bringing. i created a spread that you can use if you want to do a reading for yourself in particular. when i channeled this energy the first thing that came up was change. if you’ve been paying attention you know that energy has been lingering around for some time + this full moon is one of the times where the energy is the highest. take action + start to make a change.

these are the questions i asked:

full buck moon spread 2021 aquarius

1.what is the energy of this full moon?

the energy of this full moon is: changing in order to receive everything you’ve been asking for. abundance is in the air + a major shift is on the horizon. if you tap into this full moon + really chase after the change that you’ve been dreaming of, it is yours. with no question or doubt, the life of your dreams is yours. you’re the creator of your reality so do just that. whatever you’ve gotten used to doing + the level of comfort that you have needs to go. you know you want more + you definitely deserve more so go get it.

2. what is ready for me to release right now?

let go of all the pain, trauma + sadness that you’ve been holding on to for so long. when we talked about clearing out the junkyard this is why. you can not walk around carrying all of that with you. you have to acknowledge what you’re feeling, allow yourself to feel that way + use it to create something more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

let go of the idea that you have anything figured out because you don’t. even if you have it figured out right now, nothing stays the same forever so you will always have something to learn. yes, you’re evolving but you’re also moving forward to a place you’ve never been before. you’re a version of yourself that you never even knew existed so how can you not be open to the process of learning every day?

3. what do i need to overcome to reach change?

i need you to believe in yourself. i need you to believe in everything that you’re chasing after. you can dream about it, wish for it + desire it all day but if you don’t believe you are worthy of it, how can it become true? you have to believe in it with your entire existence + watch how easily it flows to you. if you can’t convince yourself, how are you going to convince anything around you?

4. what is something new i should be open to doing?

let down that wall that you’ve been meticulously building up. i feel like i’ve said this in a previous reflexxion but i don’t mind saying it again cause, that’s how we learn…repetition. the wall that you’ve been building up to protect yourself from any harm or disappointment has also been blocking out anything that will help you progress. there is no filter for what can + can not come through. you’re just blocking it all + you’ll stay right where you’re at until you take it down.

be a little vulnerable + believe only good can come your way.

5. what area in my life needs to be tended to the most?

your emotions. PUHLEASE do your shadow work. PUHLEASE continue to reflect on your life as it goes along. your past matters. living in the moment is great but remember, the moments that led up to this moment counts. it all plays a part in who you are + if you really want change this is one of the major keys to get to it.

+ change takes time of course. + it may take a couple of attempts to get to the right change that you need. i say try them all, whatever comes to mind try it + see if it sticks. cause eventually, something will stick. but if you don’t try anything at all you’ll be the one that’s stuck.

i pulled one last card for a message for us + the justice card came out.

congratulations. congratulations on all of your prosperity + success. victory is yours if you really want it. you are changing, you are evolving, you are growing. you are the one.

i love you so much,

i’ll talk to you soon. ❤

here’s the full reading: