.october 2021: a reading

hey beautiful,

we made it through another 30 days and nights + weren’t they full? full of love, growth, abundance + light. everything was great in september. all the energy that it told us it was bringing was definitely brought + then it brought some more.

to read the full letter on september feel free to check it out here

stepping into this month, you can take everything you just learned and apply it to your october days. continue to accept all the love that is flowing into your life + watch how you continue to bloom. all the things you got out of your head definitely freed up some space for new + improved things to come. you’re no longer at max capacity + anything you need to bring into your reality will easily come to you.

now, onto spooky season. i’m excited for everything that this month will bring + even before i started pulling cards there was an overwhelming feeling of success. happiness is here, it’s all around us. let’s tap into this energy + see what october has in store for us.

the message

“i trust the process of life. there is a rhythm + flow to life + i am part of it. life supports me + brings to me only good + positive experiences. i trust the process of life to bring me my highest good.”

continue to trust the process. it’s been a work in progress + it’s definitely working more than it ever has before but don’t stop here. anytime a negative or limiting thought comes up in your head, try your best to counter it with positive, unlimited support. the world is yours, you can achieve anything you want to, you just have to believe you can have it + trust the universe to deliver it to you safely. it’s on the way to you… can’t you feel it?

“my home is a peaceful haven. i bless my home with love. i put love in every corner + my home lovingly responds with warmth + comfort. i am at peace.”

every aspect of your home is beautiful. you’re moving into your new place. whether that’s a new physical home, a tax bracket, a mindset, a lifestlye, friendships… the options are limitless. you have been working on what you want your new thing to look like so now that you have that in mind keep it there. make a list of everything you want, decide on how it’ll look, find out how much it costs, find the feeling of having it + hold it. go shopping. even if it’s window shopping, the act of going out + putting things on your wish list will bring it to you faster.

“i prosper wherever i turn. i now see opportunites for abundance everywhere. i am blessed + prospered.”

everything in your reality has been set up specifically + especially for you. the world around you is abundant + the more you open up to it’s abundance the more it will give out. every single moment of life is designed for you to flourish + thrive so take it as that. anything that may seem a little off your track is not. you’re definitely on track and you may not see that immediately but believe it. trust it.

the energy

there is bigggg change this month. i mean, huge change. yes, you’re already in the process of changing but it doesn’t stop here. it’s like you’ve been growing a fruit tree for some time. you planted the seed, watered it, talked to it, nurtured it, kept it free of weeds + pests + watched it grow. now it’s standing tall + about to bear fruit for the first time ever. you knew it was coming, you’ve been working + waiting for this exact moment + it is here for you now. remember, the growth is everlasting. the tree will continue to grow + bear fruit over the years but this right here, right now, is huge. congratulations.

partnerships also came up. not much else, but just keep the idea of partnership in your mind. when the time comes, you will know exactly why this was an important message.

the challenge

i feel like this month you need to enjoy your blessings before you try to share them with everyone else. i know this came up in one of the last readings but it’s more evident now. those fruits we were just talking about… you need to try + enjoy them alone first. sit back + bask in the glory of all your hard work + treat yourself before you have a dinner party you know? it’s okay to enjoy yourself a little + make sure you’re in great standing before you check on everyone else.

be meticulous with your sharing. it’s kind of like you need to put yourself on an energy budget. you have more coming in so you can definitely increase how much you share with people but you can also choose not to. some things are just meant to be stumbled upon. find those who are there for you + who truly want the best for you. they are there + they will help you harvest without eating all the fruit.

the word


evidence or proof provided by the existence or appearance of something.

this is your testimony. you are a testimony. the life you’re living is a testimony.

well… i’m excited for everything this month will bring. be on the lookout for sooooo much coming from myReflexxion okay? we’re in this together.

i love you so much.

here’s the exclusive recording of the entire reading:

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.jump right in

hey beautiful,

you made it through another week, another 7 days, another 168 hours + although it was a little much in the end you reached peace. the peace that you’ve been looking for, you finally found it. you just had to get through the noise in your head that was having too much fun being loud + wrong. i love that for you.

have you realized that this is literally your dream life? this very moment right here, every single moment that you are living right now is your dream life. look at it, if you haven’t notice this, look at what you’ve been doing. look at all the things in your life that’s happened recently + really analyze it. it all has some role in the movie that you’re starring in. this is what you’ve been asking for, this is the script you’ve been working so hard on.

i just wanna give you a shoutout because you KEEP having breakthroughs and leveling up. you are the truest version of yourself that you’ve ever been. round of applause

i love that for you too.

also, i’m super happy that you’re continuously working on trusting the process. with each day, you lean in a bit more + give away a piece of control. keep that up, keep making progress, keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing amazing. there’s no other pace that you have to go at but your own, this life is a life of comfort.

you’re really here right now, living your dream life….

go ahead… you can smile, you can get up + dance, you can even scream with joy. let it OUT! let that happiness out, the universe loves knowing that it’s making you happy. keep giving + keep getting. it’s literally like the 3….2….1…. blast off type of situation. we’ve taken off in a rocket speeding into space and we’re about to explore the entire galaxy.

trust me, we’re farrrrrr away from houston. so, no worries there.

okay sooo… i hope you’re buckled up buckaroo cause this week is about to be a ride. hold on to your hat.

the message

“the best way to learn how to swim, is to jump right in”.

you’ve tested the waters, you know it’s the perfect temperature + you’re going to be safe in there so get in. it’s been fun putting your feet in + trying to not get your hair wet or whatever, but let’s do something different. what are you afraid of? having fun? do you hear how ridiculous that is?

it’s time for the final call on the things that can’t go with you to your new life. the box of things labeled “maybe” is the last thing you need to get through before you’re clear to move. word of advice: if you’ve been contemplating this long… it’s probably something that’s not good for you but you enjoy it. things like that aren’t welcome in the new land, they’re actually banned. so, i’d go ahead + get rid of it if i were you.

the energy

focus on your community. seriously, when you rememerge from your shell that you’re in right now COME ON OUT. come outsideeeeee. don’t be shy or afraid of anything that is here for you in this world because remember, everything that is on the way to you is for your greater good. everything that is coming is helping you grow. it’s all happening for you, not to you.

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but back to the community…

reach out to your people. you need to connect with the people around you. this is one of the things that you have to decide to throw away because it’s hindering you. and although, you’re safe in your head because other people can’t reject you, that fear has to go. you can’t hold onto that fear anymore. it isn’t serving you, it’s holding you back + i promise you, the greatest things in your life is on the flip side of this.

the challenge

face yourself. face your fears, figure them out + assign them new roles. you are the ceo of all this stuff going on inside of you. for sure, sometimes you can’t help what you feel about some things but you can definitely control how these feelings affect you. when you face yourself, you’ll be looking from a different view so you’ll be able to see things you’ve never seen before. you may even look like somebody off the street, but keep looking, it’ll start looking real familiar.

when you look within yourself and see things in a different light, it will automatically be reflected in your outer sight. meaning, your reality will also continue to be redecorated. note: when you’re getting new furniture and moving things around,have some type of visual in mind. even if that’s the combination of four different house styles, 7 different colors + a different era in every room. you can do that, you can do anything what you want but you need a plan. not a plan in your head, not some idea that’s having fun sitting at imagination station, but a plan that you write/draw out, a plan that you revisit every day, a plan that you work on all. thee. time. if someone who didn’t live inside your head all day came and read this plan of yours they should be able to see it exactly how you imagine.

trust me, this works, try it out.

the word

large in quantity; abundant.

that’s what this week will be(period)

well, that’s all i got. i’m 100% sure, that’s not all you have in store but no need to ruin the surprise, we’re going to be right there when it unfolds + that’s the fun part.

i love you

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hey beautiful.

in order to reach your highest potential you have to stop fighting yourself. there’s an internal battle going on that you need to bring to an end. you can try to ignore it as much as you want but you know the pain is there, you know there’s so much going on that you’re simply pretending isn’t. you can not turn your head when a problem shows it’s face and think it’s gonna go away. it’s still there, probably causing more damage + chaos than if you would’ve just faced it when you first saw it.

you’ve been allowing these challenges to wreak havoc in your establishment + you clean up after them every night while they sleep peacefully just to wake up the next day to do it all over again. it’s time for that to stop… forreal. i know you’re exhausted so let’s set some rules in place. let’s figure out our boundaries + expectations for ourselves, call a meeting + have a discussion. there has to be some kind of order in place.

Me having a meeting with myself to get my life together

it’s been the most peaceful yet destructive war in herstory and it is time to bring it to an end. no more fighting, let’s make amends and be best friends. we have to be in harmony with ourselves in order to have peace of mind + live life to the fullest potential.

i love you

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.what is it that you desire?

hey beautiful, 

first + foremost, thank you. thank you for showing up, thank you for being so great, thank you for making it this far. every obstacle that comes your way, you continue to overcome + that is purely amazing. this process to become the person you are meant to be is so beautiful, just take a look at it all. 

this past week was a little challenging but you didn’t let that stop you. you didn’t let anything keep you off track although you might have been thrown off a little bit. round of applause to you.

i’m glad you now realize you can not continue to put other people before you. it isn’t fair to yourself for you to prioritize anyone who isn’t doing the same to you. nothing against them but you gotta care about you first. 

if you were a cup you would be empty. you keep pouring from your cup without making sure you take some time to refill. let people find other sources sometimes, you don’t have to save everyone… actually, you cant. if that’s not apparent to you by now, you’re choosing to ignore it cause its obvious. and everyone who isn’t treating you the way you deserve to be treated may not be doing it on purpose but as long as the bar is on the floor why would they do anything more than that?

some of your relationship dynamics have to change + i’m glad you realize that now. i believe i said this before but, there is no way you should be suffering at the expense of someone else’s happiness. i don’t care who they are. you deserve to be happy at all costs in every moment of life. choose you. choose your dreams, choose your happiness + choose your peace. at the same time don’t ONLY consider your happiness. no one should be suffering at the expense of your happiness either. it’s a two way street. 

before i forget… did you pay attention to all the signs that came to you this week? the animals, numbers, messages on signs and the dreams… please reflect on all of those and continue to pay attention in the near future. i have a feeling these are all very important messages regarding what’s going on in your life right now. 

this past week was a little less challenging than the previous weeks but still quite a challenge. If you keep in mind everything that you learned moving forward you will get further and heal more rapidly. so, now that we got that out, lets talk about the week that is ahead of us.

the message 

“my healing is already in process.my willingness to forgive begins my healing process. i allow the love from my own heart to wash through me, cleansing + healing every part of my body. I know i am worth healing.”

these scars + traumas that you have from your past are in the process of being healed. the more you dig + start to face these feelings that you’ve buried in a time so long ago, the more you will allow yourself to heal. you will continue to remember + discover so many things that you went through that affects who you are today. things that you may not have thought of since they happened. but allow those memories to flow. allow them to be analyzed + nurtured so they can be transformed into something beautiful. 

“all my relationships are harmonious. when we create harmony in our minds + hearts, we will find it in our lives. the inner creates the outer, always.”

in order for the people around you to love, uplift + respect you, you must do that for yourself first. you have to treat yourself how you want others to treat you. showing everyone what you deserve by giving it to yourself + accepting nothing less is how you should go about life. no one is going to notice how bad they are treating you if it’s normal to you, not even you.

the energy of the week 

relationships. basically, the same thing with the message of the week. some aspects in your relationships are going to have to change. it’s a great time to do so, use the energy that will be in the air to set some boundaries + expectations for the current + future relationships that you have with people. it’s time to change that, especially if you want to be surrounded by great supportive people. you have to start attracting a different type of energy, so let’s start now. 

continue to put yourself first. seriously + don’t even think about feeling bad about it. start working on the trauma response that you have of people pleasing. it’s time to please yourself, you deserve the extra tlc. 

obstacle of the week 

i feel like there is some strong masculine energy in this week when it comes to putting yourself first. it could be you overthinking something or an actual person. either way you really need to put your foot down + stick to your decision. don’t continue to revert back to what you’re comfortable with, it’s played out. whatever feelings you have to express this week, please take your time with gathering all the words + things you want to say. remember, no one can read your mind so make sure your selection is pristine.

if you find yourself in a banter this week, keep it cool, calm + collected. no need to get upset or frustrated + if you do, take a moment to cool down. as long as you get your complete point across, there will be nothing but good from this situation. no matter how it turns out, once you get everything on the table it’s off your chest + out of your hands. 

this week is coming in with a lot of high hopes. although, there will be obstacles, there is nothing that you can not achieve + after this obstacle right here, you will be rewarded tremendously. 

word of the week 

desire: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen 

this week will be easy, breezy beautiful. i’m determined. you got this, read this as much as you need to. you can even listen to the voicemails all the time. 

.appreciation for your dedication

hey beautiful,

it’s been quite the time huh? it’s been a little hectic lately but congratulations to you for not giving up. i am applauding, yelling, rooting, on my knees bowing down to you for all of your dedication + perseverance. i am super proud of how far you’ve came even in the past few days. you are dedicated to this + it really, honestly, truly shows in you every single moment.

even when you were at the point of breaking down, you turned that into a breakthrough. do you know how amazing you have to be in order to successfully pull off a transformation like that? uber…. and we are not talking about the app. i am just astonished at how much work you have been putting in + if nobody else will tell you, i will. YOU’RE DOING A GREAT JOB. okay? give yourself the proper credit + recognition you deserve every moment that you can. you deserve it.

looking back on last week you overcame a lot… yes, i know i said that already but i just had to say it again. you did a LOT. you even overcame the obstacle of the week and that alone deserves a round of applause soo *clap clap clap*. let’s keep this up, there’s no turning back now right? you’ve come too far to even think about turning around + going back to who you once were. the evolution is literally in full effect.

the week that is ahead of us is very promising, the energy in the air smells like frankincense + myrrh. let’s get into it a little:

the message of the week

so this week, four entire cards popped out, that’s just the first sign of all the abundance headed your way.

“i am willing to forgive. forgiveness of myself + others releases me from the past. forgiveness is the answer to almost every problem. forgiveness is a gift to myself. i forgive + i set myself free.”

“i am flexible + flowing. i am open to new + changing. every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity to become more of who i am. i flow with life easily + effortlessly.”

“i now go beyond other peoples fears + limitations. it is my mind that creates my experiences. i am unlimited in my own ability to create the good in my life.”

“there is plenty for everyone including me. the ocean of life is lavish with it’s abundance. all of my needs + desires are met before i even ask. my good comes from everywhere + everyone + everything.”

continue to release the old. these things shouldn’t just be thrown away, but nurtured + transformed into something new. new things need room + acceptance to feel welcome. all of the lack + limitations you have been taught need to be released. there is so much abundance waiting for you. the entire ocean of life is full of it + it’s waiting for you to jump in. i mean, the least you can do is put ya foot in. i promise, it’ll feel really nice.

continue to forgive as well. the more you forgive, the more you heal. the more you heal, the more you move forward. moving forward is one of the biggest energies right now. and with it being 8/8 (lions gate portal opening) + a new moon, sun + mercury in leo… babay. manifest that abundance + make room for it all. don’t send out invitations to a party + then never open the door when the guests arrive.

energy of the week

this week is screaming “THANK YOU” at the top of it’s lungs. thank you for not giving up. thank you for trusting the process. thank you for your dedication + hard work. thank you for striving. thank you for being open + receptive, the universe is very appreciative for all of that. you will be shown just how much they appreciate you this week. but remember, they’re still busy creating your future so this gratitude isn’t even at it’s full capacity. this is just a sneak peek. your future is looking so bright, its almost blinding.

pay attention to all of the signs that are delivered to you this week. take note of the angel numbers, animals that cross your path, words that you hear + see. take note of it all, see what repeats itself+ at what moment in life these things pop up. if you have to keep a journal or a note in your phone of all the things you see, please do. these signs will help lead you in the right direction.

obstacle of the week

you will be tested again this week. do not let it overtake you. stay focused when it gets a little foggy. take a step back, breathe + really analyze the situation at hand. try to focus on responding instead of reacting this week + the results will be amazing. when you chill + trust the universe everything goes a little bit smoother. don’t trip up.. especially if there’s nothing to even trip over.

if you find yourself getting a little off track, that is okay. know that you can find your way back if you want to. the only thing you have to really do is focus. as long as you can realize you’re going the wrong way, you can start making your way back to where you need to be. let’s pass this test. i’m tired grandpa.

word of the week


a strong desire to do or achieve something typically requiring determination + hard work.

desire or determination to achieve success.

you got this love. keep pushing, keep going but remember to rest + take care of yourself. you’re almost there and even when you get there enjoy it of course, but remember, that is not the end of your journey.

i love you.

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.getting through the fog

hey beautiful,

it’s been a little hazy lately but in all honesty i think it’s necessary. i believe it’s good to have a little fog when you’re moving forward because the anticipation of whats there when you finally breakthrough makes you go a little harder. it get’s you a little antsy when you’re not sure how amazing the future is. when you’re committed to change it doesn’t matter the results because you know they will be nothing short of perfect. what matters the most is getting through the fog and making it to the other side.

since it’s a new week and a new month there is so much good energy in the air that we need to tap into. i’m so glad you’re moving forward, give yourself a pat on the back because you deserve it. this past week we knew that we just need to relax a little bit and tune up our focus so that we never lost sight of it. take a deep breath, calm down + let’s go with the flow of life.

message of the week:

“freedom is my divine right. i am free to think wonderful thoughts. i move beyond past limitations into freedom. i am now becoming all that i am created to be.”

“there’s plenty for everyone, including me. the ocean of life is lavish with abundance. all of my needs + desires are met before i even ask. my good comes from everywhere, everyone + everything”

keep moving forward. keep going for everything that you want to manifest. keep your dream life in sight, if you don’t have it in your sight please get it there. know that once you get beyond the fog you will be in a new level. trust life + let it lead you to where you need to be. once you get there you’ll be surprised by how much you didn’t even expect to be there. august is bringing in abundance, let’s go get it.

energy of the week

friendships are very important this week. make sure you get out of your head as much as you can this week. continue to build on the relationships that you have been tending to. being alone is not the most profitable way to live your life. we are all meant to be here for one another on this earth, you can not walk around everyday afraid of people. that wall that you’ve been building up MUST come down. i appreciate you for realizing that + starting on it. but just a little word of advice, it would be down a lot faster if you allow the people around you to help you with it.

there’s something that you’re trying to take with you to your new life but it’s holding you back. this is something that you need to transform in some kind of way. it could be a relationship with someone, a way of thinking, a habit or an emotion. you have to heal or leave in order for you to propel. this could be transformed by releasing it + starting something new or nurturing it until it becomes something new. trust me, this is vital.

obstacle of the week

if you keep hearing a word of advice or you know there is something you need to release in your life keep that in mind right now. you will be tested on this, and if you can overcome it….. yes. you’ve literally been hurting yourself by holding onto this way of life + it’s time to let it go. it’s time to try something new, it’s time to take a different path in life.

it is okay to walk around being protected in life but remember too much of a good thing isn’t always the best. it is possible to be overprotected. when you think about the wall you’ve been building up around you you’ve been blocking not only the negative things but the positiive things too. it’s better to be prepared than to be scared.

word of the week


the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose

i am dedicated to change. i am moving forward in my life. i am dedicated to my purpose.

i love you

.you gotta give 100% to get it back

hey beautful,

can you do me a favor real quick? i need you to take a look at your life + ask yourself the following questions:

  1. am i showing up as my true self 100% every day?
  2. am i chasing my dreams no matter what?

if you answered no to either one of these questionns, you may want to do some reflecting + then some planning to implement some changes. if you were in a contest + you wanted to win would you only show up halfway? would you never practice or make an attempt at rehearsing? no. when you want to win something, you have to put in the work for it + then still give it 100% when you get there. you have to see that gold trophy as yours + then do everything you can to make it your reality. if you don’t, someone else is guaranteed to do it for themselves.

i need you to really want it all + believe you are capable of any + everything. remember when you were younger + people would tell you “you can be anything you want to be”?

…they was not lying…

they were telling the truest truth there is + i really need you to start believing in yourself again. since we’re talking about believing in yourself, do you remember the exact moment that you stopped doing so? what was the reason you decided that you were incapable? when did you start invalidating your feelings, dreams + goals for the sake of other’s people fears + projections of their own insecurities. you used to imagine the world.. what happened?

no seriously, you should try to figure out what happened that made your whole perspective of life change forever. well it doesn’t have to be forever if you don’t want it to be. but the first thing you have to do is recognize + acknowledge that somewhere not that deep inside of you there is something that once was. something that knew that everything you want you can get, every emotion you feel is legit, and most importantly… you were born rich. (i’m watching this exact seminar by bob proctor at the moment actually. i’ll write a letter about it soon, so be on the look out).

do whatever it takes to get back to that mindset that you had when you were so full of belief + courage. you know, the younger days, before all your hope was snatched and thrown far out of your sight. you’ve done some growing so you’ll be able to reach it now. you may have forgotten about it because it’s been so long since you’ve seen it but it’s right there waiting for you in the same spot it was left in. in order for you to move forward you have to go back a little bit + get it. it’s kind of like when you reach the door in the game to go to the next level but you didn’t get the key so you have to double back to find it.

until you decide to go back and + start showing up 100% you can not advance to the next level. you can not get an a. you can not pass go, and no, you can not collect $200. you will forever be “almost there” and that is not the place to be. be honest…you’ve been there for a minute… and you know that’s not enough. you know you want more out of life. you know you deserve more out of life. so why aren’t you going after EVERYTHING that is yours? i’m so forreal… why? let’s make some changes + play this game of life our way.

remember… you got this ,there is nothing you can not do + whatever you want can be yours.

you just really have to want it.

i love you.

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.you are evolving

hey beautiful,

how are you doing ? I’m glad you’re reading this right now cause a lot has been happening. a lot of progress has been being made + it’s because you’ve finally decided to commit to the things you want in life. you’ve realized how uncomfortably comfortable you are + you’re doing something about it. i love you for that. the life that you desire is right there, you’re striding towards it with every decision you make + every step you take.

this past week energy was to focus on reaching out for help, filling yourself with love + allowing yourself to heal from any + all emotions you’ve been feeling your entire life. you can’t ignore all of your hurt + trauma so you must work through it + heal in order to make major progress. if you started hugging yourself what difference did you notice? if you didn’t start try it right now if you want, just hold yourself for a few seconds + embrace the love. nobody can love you better than you can love yourself.

before we get into the week ahead of us, i just want to let you know i am so happy for you. i’m excited that you have decided to commit to a change of life. i’m so glad you get to realize who you are, what you want out of life + what steps you have to take to get there.you are the star in the movie that is your life + also the actor/actress. i love you for that. keep doing what you doing.

the message of the week:

“i am willing to change. I am willing to release old negative beliefs. they are only thoughts that stand in my way. my new thoughts are positive + fulfilling.”

“i accept my uniqueness. there is no competition + no comparison. for we are all different + meant to be that way. I am special + wonderful. i love myself”

“my home is my safe haven. i bless my home with love. i put love in every corner + my home lovingly responds with warmth + comfort. i am at peace.”

these three messages all go hand in hand + at the same time, they can stand alone + hold their own weight. if you were a caterpillar, you would be stepping into your cocoon phase. you may have been in there for a minute + if not, then you will be pretty soon. all of the hard work you’ve been putting in is literally about to pay off so don’t stop now. you can chill a little bit but don’t let things get out of order + messy. but if does get a little crowded, take the initiative to clean up. find that peace within so that it may be reflected in your outer world.

energy of the week

focus on being balanced this week. with all of the hard work you’ve been putting in make sure you don’t burn out. resting is a necessary step of the grind that july is bringing so do not leave it out. another thing to find the balance in is the time that you spend grounded in reality + the time you spend creating/escaping your reality by being in your head. you can not spend the majority of your time in the clouds. you’ve been putting in overtime there + you’re not even able to enjoy the fruits of your creative labor. this is real life. it’s nice in the clouds but it’s also nice here, take some time to be here + love a little.

another thing that is coming up for this week is speaking your truth. this kind of goes along with being in your head. if you know you don’t want to do something or consume the energy someone is putting out, why are you deciding to suffer. it doesn’t really make sense for anyone to suffer at the expense of someone else’s happiness. we can all be happy + have a good time in this game of life. speak up for yourself + let it be known what you want + what you don’t want. don’t tolerate anything that you don’t want to because what you allow will continue + you can’t be upset with anyone but yourself.

obstacle of the week

go in 100%. i feel like you are not in this game all the way because there is a part of you that is holding you back. yes, you are the only one who can hold you back. you are the only one who is holding you back + until you completely believe in yourself you will continue to not show up how you need to. repeat this until you believe it: “i believe in myself. i believe in myself. i believe in myself.” it’s mandatory.

something may come up this week where you’re tested in how much faith you have in your dreams + aspirations. you’ve been getting tested this whole time + it’s time to pass this challenge. if you don’t believe in yourself literally no one else will.

word of the week:

metamorphosis: a change of the form or nature of a thing or a person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.

“i am evolving. i am growing. i am changing.”

just like the caterpillar, you are bound to go through a massive change soon. embrace every step of the process + continue to move forward. remember: if you get off track, find your way back.

i love you so much ❤.