.i love my life

i love my life.

i love my life.

i love my life.

that’s what you need to tell yourself throughout each + every day. you have to know that you’re walking in love every single moment. when you love life, life starts to love you back and that’s the best life to live. a life full of love, happiness + abundance. the life that you’re already living. if you tilt your head a little bit, and maybe even squint, you’ll see it crystal clear.

remember when the trend “i h*** my life” was going around? did you participate in saying that? it was a trick, you were bamboozled into casting a not so wonderful spell upon your life. saying those words created the reality that you were living in + of course manifested a plethora of things that caused you to h*** your life. but now we can change those words. we can start casting a different spell to work some new magic. i mean, it’s spooky season, we really need to tap into our inner witch + wizard.

think of all the spells you cast on a regular with all the things you say every day. you can now choose to change these ways. you can change the direction of where you’re going with a simple pivot of your foot, one easy flick of a light switch. + you can do it right now. you have been choosing everything that has been happening in your life. just take a peep at trying something new, if you don’t then you can go back to the way things were. but you’ll never know unless you try.

also, the people that are currently in your life… don’t lose them. the relationships you have been building are all meaningful and they will continue to grow. just like the spells you’ve been casting, you’ve been choosing to be distant and not maintain relationships with people but it’s time to change. now, you can learn some new skills and keep them alive. the love that you’ve been giving yourself has gotten to level where you can stat pouring into others and not be burnt out. this feels good, you know it does.

keep doing everything that you’re doing, you’re on the right track.

i love you.

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